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EndNote: Importing a Saved Text File

Importing a Saved Text File

Importing a saved text file:

1. Open EndNote
2. From File menu, choose Import.
3. Click Choose File… button to select the text file you wish to import.
4. From Import Option menu, select appropriate filter. You must select the database name AND the provider whom UCSB uses for access

  • e.g.: Sociological Abstracts via CSA; WorldCat via OCLC).

5. If you are uncertain about the correct filter, from Edit menu, select Import Filters, and then Open Filter Manager. Select the filter you wish to look at and click Edit. In the new window that opens, click Templates.  This will show you the corresponding tags.
6. Click on the Import button
7. Records will be added to your library.  Double-click on entries to edit them.

  • Common mistakes include incorrect capitalizations, no full names, too much information. 

8. Click on Preview tab to preview the citation.


  • Import filters are not available for all databases.
  • Check the Endnote manual and/or If there is no appropriate filter, you will need to enter the references in by hand—See New Reference section in this guide for instructions (linked here, and located as a subtab under the Collecting References tab).


  • Windows Vista Users may have issues renaming your file.  Downloaded files may appear in your personal Downloads Folder.
  • Turn off Pop-Up Blocker.  You may not be able to download some of these files because they first appear in a separate pop-up window.  Turn this off.  See your computer’s help menu for instructions.


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