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EndNote: Import Filters

Import Filters

Import Filters
When to Use: When you want to add citations from electronic databases, like Academic Search Complete, WorldCat, Etc. 

  • This method requires you to export the records from the database and then import them into Endnote using a Import Filter.

Types of References: Articles, Books, Reviews, and anything else found in an electronic database or index.


  • Different Database platforms involve different steps.  Be careful to follow the right set of instructions. For more information see the complete Endnote manual.
  • You will need to update your import filters periodically.  See instructions at the end of this section for more information


overview flowchart for import filters


I. Electronic Databases: Search and Find Records
Although there are many databases, many of these databases use similar platforms and user interfaces. Thus to export data from each platform you will need different instructions. 

In general, you will:

  • Search the database
  • Mark (tag, select) the records you want to add to EndNote
  • Save marked records
  • Export marked records

II. Export references from the database
This guide provides specific instructions for exporting records for the most commonly used platforms in the UCSB community.

There are two main ways to export records:
1. Directly into EndNote

  • Some platforms allow you to download the records directly into the EndNote.
  • Please note that diacritics and other pieces of information are sometimes lost or placed into the wrong field

2. Download (export) a file on to your desktop

  • When you export a file from a database, you may want to rename the file so you can find it easily.  It is also recommended that you save all these files in the same place. 
  • Consider creating folder to hold all these files.
  • You will need to Import the file into EndNote, after you download a file.
  • Please note that diacritics and other pieces of information are sometimes lost or placed into the wrong field.
  • Like exporting, different databases require different steps.  After exporting references from the database follow the instructions labeled Importing a Saved Text File, linked here and also located as a subtab under the Collecting References tab.

Instructions for the following Databases are given at the links below and in the subtabs under the Database Filters tab:

CSA Illumina Platform
Google Scholar
ISI-Web of Knowledge
Next-Gen Melvyl
OCLC Platform


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