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Middle East Studies: News Sources

Guide to Middle East Studies: ancient, medieval & modern.

Print Media


UCSB Library subscribes to the Friday North American edition of Al-Ahram, the daily edition of Ha'aretz, and the daily edition of The Jerusalem Post.

The newspapers are located in the New Book Area on the First floor. Paper issues are kept until microfilm arrives.

The UCSB Library has on microfilm the following historical newspapers from the Middle East

  • al-Ahram Microfilm AN325.A3 1876-1881; 1990 on
  • al-Karmil & al-Karmil al-Jadid Microfilm AN317.P3 K37 1920-1941
  • Ha'aretz Microfilm AN 317. I8 I46  1975 on 
  • Mir'at al-Sharq Microfilm AN317.P3 M47 1919-1938
  • The Jerusalem Post 1950-1966, 1980+, Microfilm AN317.I8 J46
  • Palestine Bulletin 1925-1932 MicrofilmAN317. I8 J46
  • Palestine Post 1932- 1950 Microfilm AN317. P3 B4
  • Palestine Weekly 1919-1931 Microfilm AN317.P3 B4




For programs with audio, you will need a pair of headphones. There are no speakers connected to the PCs in the Library. If you are using the Library PCs, please be advised that Quick Time, Real Player, and Windows Media Player programs are already installed and should not be downloaded.

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