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Middle East Studies: Encyclopedias

Guide to Middle East Studies: ancient, medieval & modern.

Print Sources

The Cambridge Companion to Classical Islamic Theology

  • Edited by Tim Winter.
  • BP166.1,C36 2008

The Coptic Encyclopedia

  • REF BX130.5.C66 1991

Crosshatching in Global Culture: a Dictionary of Modern Arab Writers.

  • REF PJ7521.C76 2004.
  • Includes bibliographies

Encyclopaedia Iranica

  • REF DS253.E53 1982An "in progress" work.
  • Library receives volumes as published.11 vols to date ("Harem I" is the last entry) and a free online version

Encyclopedia Judaica 2nd ed.

  • REF DS102.8.E496 2007

Encyclopedia of Arabic Language and Linguistics.

  • REF PJ6031.E53 2006
  • "Covers all relevant aspects of the study of Arabic and deals with all levels of the language (Pre-classical..., classical ..., mdoern standard ..., Arabic vernaculars, mixed varieties of Arabic).Recently Added; Check to Make sure no duplicates

Encyclopedia of Arabic Literature edited by Julie Scott Meisami & Paul Starkey.

  • REF PJ7510.E53 1998.
  • Classical to modern; includes bibliographies

Encyclopedia of Canonical Hadith

  • G.H.A. Juynboll.
  • REF BP135.2.J89 2007
  • "English translations of all canonical hadiths, complete with their .. chains of transmission (isnads)."

Encyclopedia of Food and Culture

  • REF GT2850.E53 2003

Encyclopedia of Islam and the Muslim World.

  • REF BP40.E525 2004

Encyclopedia of Islamic Civilisation and Religion

  • Edited by Ian Richard Netton REF BP40.E526 2008

Encyclopedia of the Modern Middle East.

  • REF DS43.E53

The Islamic World: Past and Present.

  • REF DS35.53.I86 2004

Jami' al-Fiqh al-Islami = Encyclopedia of Islamic Jurisprudence.

  • CDrom + guide. "Text of 500 volumes on Islamic law"
  • MEDIA KBP40.J35 2002

The Literature of Islam

  • A Guide to the Primary Sources in English Translation by Paula Y. Skreslet & Rebecca Skreslet.
  • REF Z7835.M6S585 2006

Lughat'namah-i Dihkhuda.

  • Riviyat-i 2. 1 CD.
  • Media Collection AE36.D4 2002

Mawsu'at al-Hadith al-sharif = Hadith Encyclopedia

  • Bukhari, Muslim, Tirmidhi, Abu Da'ud, al-Nasa'i, Ibn Majah, Darimi, Ibn Hanbal, & al-Muwatta al-Imam Malik
  •  1 CD. MEDIA BP135.2.M8 1998

The Middle East and Central Asia: an Anthropological Approach

  • By Dale F. Eickelman. 4th ed.
  • GN635.N42 E39 2002

The New Islamic Dynasties: a Chronological and Genealogical Manual

  • By C.E. Bosworth.
  • REF DS35.627.B67 1996

The Qur'an and Its Interpreters

  • By Mahmoud M. Ayoub.
  • 2 vols. to date (v. 1: Surat al-Fatihah & Surat al-Baqarah. v. 2: Surat Al 'Imran)
  • BP130.4.A385 1984

The Shengold Jewish Encyclopedia

  • REF DS102.8.S545 2003

Thesaurus d'épigraphie Islamique: Inscriptions de l'Asie Centrale, de la Péninsule d'Arabie et du Maghreb. 3e livraison.

  • 2 CD-ROMs
  • MEDIA CN1153.T48 2001

Worldmark Encyclopedia of Cultures and Daily Life

  • REF GN333.W67 1998

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