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Middle East Studies: Calender Converters

Guide to Middle East Studies: ancient, medieval & modern.

Print Sources

The Islamic and Christian Calendars AD 622-2222 (AH 1-1650)

  • By G.S.P. Freeman-Grenville. Rev. ed.
  • PRINT COPY REF CE59.F7 1996

Calendar Conversion Tables: Hijri Shamsi (solar)- Hijri Qamari (lunar)- A.D. Gregorian Shamsi 1250-1400/Qamari 128801443/A.D. 1871-2020 with a Supplement Hijri Qamari (lunar)- Gregorian Hijra 1-1288/A.D. 622- 1871

  • REF CE59. P87 1991

Calendar Converters


Khayam: A Persian Calendar Program

Calendar Converters  (Fourmilab, Switzerland)

  • Extensive page for conversions of Persian, Hebrew, Islamic, Bah'ai calendar

 Hijri Calendar Converter

  • from 

The Islamic Calendar

  • Calendars through the Ages

The Jewish Calendar

  • Calendars through the Ages

Other In-Use Calendars

  • Ethiopian, Persian, Balinese, and Baha'i calendars (Calendars through the Ages)

Other Ancient Calendars

  • Includes Babylonian and Egyptian calendars (Calendars through the Ages)

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