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Slavic and Eastern European Studies: Films

Describes research sources for Russia, Eastern Europe, and the former Soviet Union.

Slavic Films

Browse the lists linked below to find films related to Russia, the Slavic world, and the former Soviet Union in the UCSB Library.

Films in the lists are on DVD and are shelved in the Media Collection, second floor Ocean Side.


Soviet Propaganda Films

In English

In Russian:

Below is a selected list of books related to films and Slavic Studies, including guides to using film for language study.  Try searching in UC Library Search to find other sources.  Try search terms such as...

  • Russia film
  • Ukraine film
  • Soviet film

Tip About Film Titles

Do not try taking names of people, films, awards, etc. from English sources and translating them back into Russian. Find sources in Russian that have this information and use that. 

If you need to find the Russian title of an English-language film, or the English title of a Russian-language film, it is important to know that film titles do not translate exactly.  Try this tip to find the proper version of the film title in the other language:

If it is an English-language film, start in the English-language Wikipedia.  Look up the film title in English.  Next, look through the "Languages" list (at left in the regular version, at the bottom in the mobile version) until you see "Русский".  Click on that link and it will take you to the equivalent article in the Russian version of Wikipedia.  The title shown on that page will be the title that was used for the release in Russia.

If you are starting with a Russian film title, start in the Russian Wikipedia.  Look up the film in Russian, and then look for the "English" link in the language list. 

This also works great for book titles, names of famous people, pop-culture topics, etc.

Russian "Nika" Film Award

Nika Award

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