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News Sources: Washington Post Online

Create Your Account For The Washington Post Online

image of various devices viewing the Washington Post

The Washington Post online subscription is available to all UCSB students, faculty, and staff, thanks to our Library's shared subscription!


To activate free digital access to The Washington Post, you must create an individual account with your email address.  After you have registered you can access the content at or via the Washington Post app or social media posts.

Below are steps outlining how to begin an individual subscription through UCSB's licensed access.

1. Visit to sign-up with your email address

2. Click on your user name in the upper right-hand corner

3. Click My Post, then click  Manage Account

4. Make sure your email address is Verified, if not, click "Unverified" to be sent a verification email.

5. Once verified, Click into the Subscription & Billing tab in My Post. 

6. Click Activate free digital access

Details, Troubleshooting, and Tips

Subscription Details

  • Students will have access until they graduate.
  • Faculty and staff subscriptions will remain active as long as they have a valid UCSB email address.
  • UCSB affiliates will have unlimited digital access to content posted by The Washington Post, including
    • reading articles on the website
    • using the apps
    • subscribing to newsletters and alerts
    • streaming access to press conferences
    • editorials
    • games, and recipes
  • The subscription allows UCSB affiliates to explore any and all issues of The Washington Post going back to the first issue in 1877.


  • If you do not see the option to "Activate free digital access" at step 6 above, follow these additional steps:
    • Click on your user name at upper right
    • Choose "Subscription & Billing" from the options
    • At this point you should now see the option to activate your free subscription
    • Click on the "Activate free digital access" button
  • You may reset your password anytime at
  • If you have an existing, paid The Washington Post subscription using a UCSB email address, you must cancel this subscription before you can activate the UCSB campus subscription. You can cancel your personal subscription through your account page or by contacting The Washington Post Help Center online or at
  • Visit the Washington Post's Help Center for more information on using their website and app.

Tips:  Additional Access to Washington Post Content

Our databases are more powerful search tools than the site.  Use one of the UCSB Library databases below for more access. These databases also include older content that predates the digital version of the newspaper.