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Chemistry & Biochemistry: Home

Subject guide for chemistry and biochemistry


The Chemistry & Biochemistry subject guide provides information on finding books, articles, useful websites and other information valuable to students and researchers in biochemistry, chemistry and related disciplines.

What are Chemistry and Biochemistry?

Chemistry - "The branch of science concerned with the substances of which matter is composed, the investigation of their properties and reactions, and the use of such reactions to form new substances." - Oxford English Dictionary

Biochemistry - "The science dealing with the substances present in living organisms and with their relation to each other and to the life of the organism." - Oxford English Dictionary

Periodic Table Fun

Here are some links to entertaining and instructive sites based on the Periodic Table of Elements.




Periodic Table of the Elements, as of January 2019

Periodic Table of the Elements, as of January 2019

(Image from Wikipedia Commons, public domain)

2019 was the 150th Anniversary of Dmitri Mendeleev's publication of the first periodic table.

Mendeleev's Periodic Table (later version)

The above is a later version created by D. Mendeleev for a textbook.

2019 was declared the International Year of the Periodic Table by UNESCO.

BONUS 1: Elemental Haiku from SCIENCE magazine

BONUS 2: Periodic Table of Videos talking aobut each element, from the University of Nottingham

BONUS 3: Video animation of 300 years of discovery of the elements by Jamie Gallagher


This guide will direct you to the best sources for doing library research in Chemistry and Biochemistry.

Table of Contents:

  • Books - Tools to find books in the UCSB Library, other UC libraries, and libraries around the world.
  • Articles - Tools to find journal articles and other documents (e.g. conference papers, dissertations, etc.)
  • Web Sites - Useful websites for students and researchers.
  • Data Repositories - Archives for chemical data
  • Specialized Guides - Guides for specific branches of the subject.
  • Careers and Jobs - Resources for career information and job postings in the chemical sciences.
  • Open Educational Resources for textbooks, videos, tutorials and other open access tools for teaching and learning.

Chemistry News

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