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Chemistry & Biochemistry: Physical Chemistry

Subject guide for chemistry and biochemistry

Locating Books

To locate books on your topic, use the UC Library Search. As a starting point, use a keyword search on the likely terms. For collections of data, add handbooks or tables to your keywords.

If you find a relevant record, check its subject headings to see if there is alternative terminology you should try. Similarly, use keyword searches to find books on particular analytical methods (mass spectrometry, atomic absorption). You may also want to browse in the book stacks. Useful call nubmer ranges include:

  • Spectroscopy QC 450-467 (in chemical analysis, QD 95-97)
  • General physical chemistry QD 450-458
  • Quantum chemistry QD 462
  • Physical inorganic chemistry QD 475
  • Physical inorganic chemistry QD 476
  • Chemical reaction kinetics, mechanisms, catalysis QD 501-505
  • Surface chemistry QD 506-508
  • Thermochemistry QD 510-511
  • Electrochemistry QD 551-571
  • Radiation chemistry QD 601-655
  • Photochemistry QD 701-731
  • Crystallography QD 901-999

Data Tables

Landolt-Börnstein (QC 61 .L3)
This large set of data tables for physics and chemistry has been published over the past 90+ years. UCSB owns a partial print set (see the call number above), but the set from 1918-2009 is available online to UCSB users. The series is divided into broad groupings as follows:

  • Group 1: Elementary Particles, Nuclei and Atoms
  • Group 2: Molecules and Radicals
  • Group 3: Condensed Matter
  • Group 4: Physical Chemistry
  • Group 5: Geophysics
  • Group 6: Astronomy and Astrophysics
  • Group 7: Biophysics
  • Group 8: Advanced Materials and Technologies

At present, our print copy is in off-campus storage. The online archive may be browsed by the title of individual volumes; there is currently no full-text searching of the online archive.

General Reference Works

Locating Articles