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Chemistry & Biochemistry: Chemical Suppliers

Subject guide for chemistry and biochemistry

About Chemical Suppliers

This page contains a list of websites for suppliers of laboratory and fine chemicals.  It is not intended to be comprehensive; it is primarily U.S. companies, and does not include suppliers of bulk or industrial-scale chemicals.  If you have suggestions for additional listings, please send them to the page owner.

In addition to their usefulness for those seeking to obtain price or ordering information, many of these websites (as noted) also provide property information on the chemicals supplied, and so can be of use to the student or researcher seeking basic chemical data.

Chemical Suppliers

  • Acros Organics(
    • Organic chemicals and synthesis reagents, analytical reagents, biochemicals, bulk chemicals
    • Searchable by name, molecular formula, CAS RN or structure.
    • No significant property data available at website
  • Alfa Aesar(
    • Research chemicals, metals, materials
    • Searchable by chemical name, CAS RN
    • Basic physical date (such as: melting point, boiling point, density, refractive index) and MSDS available
  • Avantor Performance Materials (
    • Formerly Mallinckrodt Baker Chemicals
    • Laboratory chemicals; also bulk pharmaceutical chemicals, chromatographic materials, electronics
    • Searchable by name, molecular formula, CAS RN
    • MSDS available on website (usually includes some basic physical property data)
  • Boron Molecular(
    • Specializes in functinalized boronic acids and other reagents for organic synthesis
    • Searchable by name, molecular formula or CAS RN.
    • No significant property data available on website
  • C/D/N Isotopes(
    • Specilizes in deuterated compounds
    • Searchable by name, CAS RN (deuterated or undeuterated compound)
    • No significant property data available on website
  • ChemBridge(
    • Screening compounds and libraries, building blocks
    • Searchable by name, molecular weight, logP, structure.
    • Molecular weight, logP, rotatable bonds
  • Fisher Scientific(
    • Organic, inorganic, and biochemicals; also lab equiment, more, from a variety of suppliers
    • Searchable by chemical name, CAS RN, structure
    • Data available varies by chemical and supplier.
  • Frontier Scientific, Inc.(
    • Boronic acids, building blocks, catalysts/ligands, dendrimers, porphyrins, tin compounds
    • Searchable by chemical class, structural unit (e.g. ring system), functional group, name, molecualar formula, CAS RN
    • Minimal physical property information provided.
  • Gelest(
    • Organometallics, silanes, silicones, specialty olefins
    • Searchable by name, CAS RN, structure (with ChemDraw plugin)
    • Molecular weight, melting point, boling point, density, refractive index
  • Indofine Chemical Company(
    • Rare organics, biochemicals and natural products
    • Searchable by chemical name, CAS RN, chemical category
    • Molecular weight, melting point, solubilty (where available)
  • Johnson Matthey(
    • Fine chemicals, catalysts, precious metals
    • Find specific section of company for searching. (Note: Alfa Aesar is a Johnson Matthey subsidiary.)
  • Matrix Scientific(
    • Organic laboratory chemicals
    • Searchable by name, molecular formla, CAS RN, substructure (Java applet)
    • Melting point range usually provided
  • Oakwood Products, Inc.(
    • Haloorganics, heterocycles, sulfonyl chlorides, others
    • Searchable by name, CAS RN
    • Boling point, melting point, density, refractive index (where available)
  • R&D
    • Not a chemical supplier itself, but provides links to chemical suppliers
    • "Chemical Catalog" provides a federated search of uncommon chemicals from multiple suppliers.  Structure searchable.
    • OSIRIS Property Explorer lets you draw a structure and obtain calculated drug-related properties (e.g., logP, solubility, Toxicity Risk Assessment)
  • Sciventions (
    • Sciventions is a venture based at the University of Toronto, providing a web platform for scientists and reseachers to sell their ideas and products to their fellow researchers.
    • Among the products currently available at Sciventions are a variety of nanomaterials, such as Gold, Silver, Iron Oxide, Titanium Oxide and Zinc Oxide nanoparticles.
  • Sigma-Aldrich(
    • Organic, inorganic and organometallic laboratory chemicals, including life science research materials, labware
    • Searchable by name, moleular formula, CAS RN, substructure (Java applet)
    • Physical property data for most chemicals, MSDS, IR & NMR spectra
  • Spectrum Chemicals & Laboratory Products(
    • Organic and inorganic chemicals
    • Searchable by name
    • Molecular weight, MSDS
  • Strem Chemicals(
    • Organic, inorganic and organometallic laboratory chemicals
    • Searchable by chemcal name, molecular formula, CAS RN or keyword
    • Usually melting point and/or boiling point given; MSDS available
  • TCI America(
    • Laboratory chemicals and reagents, plus custom synthesis and bulk chemicals
    • Searchable by chemical name, molecular formula, CAS RN and keyword
    • No significant chemical data provided

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