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Chemistry & Biochemistry: Analytical Chemistry

Subject guide for chemistry and biochemistry

Locating Books

To locate books on your topic, use the UCSB Library Search. As a starting point, use a keyword search on the likely terms. For a particular chemical substance (e.g. beryllium, amphetamines, ivory) or a class of substances (drugs, metals, pesticides) or a particular environment (water, soil, blood), combine your key term and the term "analysis".
Examples:blood analysis, pesticides analysis. Your results will include books, articles, reference entries and more.  Use the "Refine my search" options on the left-hand side of the results display to limit results to the type of materials desired.

If you find a relevant record, check its subject headings to see if there is alternative terminology you should try. Similarly, use keyword searches to find books on particular analytical methods (mass spectrometry, atomic absorption). You may also want to browse in the book stacks. Books on analytical chemistry methods are grouped together in the range QD 75 - QD 139. Organic analysis may also be found at QD 271-272

General Overview Works

Comprehensive Analytical Chemistry    (QD 75 .W5) -- A 31 volume (and growing) series, each volume dedicated to a particular analytical technique. See the list near the beginning of the most recent volume for a full list of volume titles. Contains lots of detailed information on the techniques covered.

Comprehensive Desk Reference of Polymer Characterization and Analysis    (QD 139 .P6 C60 2002 SEL Ref Area) -- This one-volume reference contains chapters by experts in the field on chemical analysis, structure determination, characterization and performance property determination of polymers.

Dean's Analytical Chemistry Handbook, 2nd ed.  UCSB Only  (QD 78 .P37 2004 ) -- This one-volume reference has eighteen chapters on different analytical methods and chapters on specific types of analytes or substrates (e.g., organic compounds, environmental pollutants, air, water.) Detailed, with good indezxing and bibliographies.

Encyclopedia of Analytical Chemistry    (QD 71.5 .E52 2000 ) -- This very recent 15 volume set devotes its first ten volumes to areas of chemical analysis (e.g., Chemical Weapons Chemical Analysis; Environment: Water and Waste; Peptides and Proteins; Surfaces) and the last five volumes to methods (e.g., Atomic Spectroscopy; Liquid Chromatography; Radiochemical Methods). The articles are detailed, by experts in their fields, with good refernces and cross-referencing.

Encyclopedia of Analytical Science, 2nd ed.     (QD 71.5 .E53 2005 ) -- This 10 volume set is recent and excellent for articles on specific analytes (e.g. "antimony", "asbestos", "carbohydrates"); matrices ("blood and plasma", "ceramics"); specific methods ("atomic absorption spectrometry") and general classes of analysis ("bioprocess analysis", "forensic science"). The articles are not comprehensive review articles -- they have relatively short bibliographies. The set has good tables of contents, with cross-references, and a good index in Vol. 10. This is a great starting point for your research.

Ewing's Analytical Instrumentation Handbook, 3rd ed.    (Ref QD 79 .I5 E95 2005 ) -- This one-volume reference has chapters by experts in their respective fields on all areas of instrumental analysis, including chapters on such modern hot topics as use of computers in analysis, biosensors, and "lab-on-a-chip" technology. Detailed, with good bibliographies.

Handbook of Basic Tables for Chemical Analysis, 2nd ed.    (Ref QD 78 .B78 2003 ) -- This one-volume reference from CRC Press contains tables of useful data for many forms of chromatography and spectroscopy, as well as other data useful for analytical chemists.

Handbook of Water Analysis    (Ref QD 142 .H36 2000) -- This thorough one-volume reference opens with some chapters on general information and properties of water, but is mainly organized by chapters on specific types of analytes (e.g., pesticides, bacteria, trace elements) in water. Detailed, with good indezxing and bibliographies.

Kirk-Othmer Encyclopedia of Chemical TechnologyUCSB Only (
Also in print at (TP 9 .E685 ) -- Has good overview articles on both substances and analytical techniques. The Fourth Edition (started 1991) is now complete but the Third Edition (began 1978) may have some articles omitted in the later edition. UCSB Only ( -- Knovel provides electronic versions of an extensive collection of reference works in chemistry, including several for analytical chemistry.  Data tables are numerically searchable, and some titles provide interactive tables, graphs and equations.

Techniques of Chemistry    (QD 61 .T4) -- This multi-volume series covers techniques in several areas of chemistry, including some analytical areas. The volumes are individually cataloged in UCSB Library Search and MELVYL, so a keyword or title-word search in your area of interest should turn up the relevant volumes (e.g. thin-layer chromatography or electron spin resonance.)

Treatise on Analytical Chemistry    (QD 75 .K6 1st ed.; QD 75.2 .K4 1978 2nd ed.) -- These multi-volume sets are very comprehensive. The first edition, begun in 1959, is divided into three parts, on "Theory and Practice" , "Analytical Chemistry of Inorganic and Organic Compounds" and "Analytical Chemistry in Industry". It totals 33 volumes. The second edition has so far only published 12 of the 14 projected volumes of Part 1, and none of Parts 2 or 3. Excellent work, if becoming dated.

Ullmann's Encyclopedia of Industrial ChemistryUCSB Only (
Also in print at (TP 9 .U57  Volume B5 and part of B6 in this series are Has some very recent, solid overview articles devoted to analytical methods, with good references. See Volumes B5 and part of B6 in the print version.

Specific Anayltical Methods

For books on specific methods, search on the UCSB Library Catalog as described above. Some recent works on specific types of analytical technique are:

Encyclopedia of Chromatography    (Ref QD 79 .C4 E63 2001 ) -- This one-volume encyclopedia contains brief articles (1-5 pages) by experts in their fields on hundreds of aspects of chromatography. Good indexing.

Encyclopedia of Nuclear Magnetic Resonance    (QC 762 .E53 1996) An excellent, highly detailed work on all types of NMR spectroscopy. Check the index for a specific type of NMR you may be interested in, or for specific types of substances; you might also want to look at the general section on quantitative NMR if you are considering NMR as an analytical tool.

Encyclopedia of Spectroscopy and Spectrometry    (Ref QD 95 .E55 2000)
A three volume reference work from Academic Press. Contains authoritative articles on the history, theory, instrumentation and applications of atomic, electronic, high energy, mass, nuclear magnetic resonance, and vibrational/rotational spectroscopy, with good cross-referencing and bibliographies.

Handbook of Spectroscopy    (QD 95 .H364 2003 SEL Ref Area) -- This two-volume handbook contains detailed articles by experts in their fields on all aspects of spectroscopy. Volume 1 deals with specific methods, while volume 2 looks at applications (e.g. bioanalysis, environmental analysis, process control.)

Standard Analytical Methods

In some areas, professional or governmental organizations have issued standard analysis methods. Note that these may not be the very best or latest methods, but they are widely accepted standards.

Standard Methods for the Examination of Water and Wastewater    (QD 142 .A5 SEL Ref Area) A very useful compendium of detailed methods for analysis of various substances in water. The 20th ed. (1998) is in the reference collection; earlier editions are in the stacks.

Official Methods of Analysis of the AOAC    (S 587 .A7) The Association of Official Analytical Chemists (formerly the Association of Official Agricultural Chemists) has been producing this methods handbook for many years. It has detailed standard procedures for sampling and analysis, primarily for food, drugs, pesticides and other agricultural chemicals. The most recent two volume set of binders is in the SEL Ref Area. Not all procedures are printed in each edition; those which have not been revised are referred back to earlier editions. We keep the earlier editions of the series in the main SEL stacks.

OSHA Index of Sampling and Analytical Methods ( This web site contains a searchable and browsable index to the analytical sampling methods used by field hygienists of the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA).

OSHA Chemical Sampling Information ( This site contains data on compounds frequently sampled for by health and safety personnel.

Locating Articles

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