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Chemistry & Biochemistry: Analytical Chemistry

Subject guide for chemistry and biochemistry

Locating Books

To locate books on your topic, use the UC Library Search. As a starting point, use a keyword search on the likely terms. For a particular chemical substance (e.g. beryllium, amphetamines, ivory) or a class of substances (drugs, metals, pesticides) or a particular environment (water, soil, blood), combine your key term and the term "analysis".
Examples: blood analysis, pesticides analysis. Your results will include books, articles, reference entries and more.  Use the "Refine my search" options on the left-hand side of the results display to limit results to the type of materials desired.

If you find a relevant record, check its subject headings to see if there is alternative terminology you should try. Similarly, use keyword searches to find books on particular analytical methods (mass spectrometry, atomic absorption). You may also want to browse in the book stacks. Books on analytical chemistry methods are grouped together in the range QD 75 - QD 139. Organic analysis may also be found at QD 271-272

General Overview Works

Standard Analytical Methods

Locating Articles