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Chemistry & Biochemistry: General Chemistry

Subject guide for chemistry and biochemistry

Units of Measure, Physical Constants, Physical Laws

Besides the CRC Handbook of Chemistry and Physics (see below), there are a number of sources which specialize in units of measure and other basic information for scientific calculation. Examples include:

Physical Properties of Chemicals: Basic Sources

Physical Properties of Chemicals: Intermediate Sources

Spectra Sources

Toxic Properties of Chemicals

  • The Reference Area has lots of information on toxic properties of chemicals beyond what's found in the Merck Index.
  • However, toxicology sources are scattered among several call number ranges:
    • RA 1193-1270
    • SB 951-952.5
    • T 55.5
    • TD 176,4 and TD 196
  • Some noteworthy sources are:

Some guides to reactions, like Organic Syntheses and Inorganic Syntheses provide detailed saftey information for the reactions they describe.

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