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Political Science: International Relations

What's on this page?

This page lists print and online resources covering aspects of international relations.

International Relations

International Relations Data Site.
- From Paul Hensel of the Department of Political Science at the University of North Texas, "useful data sources on processes of international conflict and cooperation, as well as data covering international economic, environmental, political, and social data and data on similar topics for the United States."

United Nations.
- See the UN's Official Documents System (ODS) system search page.

World Treaty Index. (WTI)
- The WTI seeks to create a comprehensive database of all known bilateral and multilateral treaties formed throughout the 20th century.

WWW Virtual Library. International Affairs Resources.
- From Wayne A. Selcher, Professor of International Studies Emeritus, Department of Political Science, Elizabethtown College, PA - thousands of annotated links to sites on international affairs and international relations topics, with links organized under five broad categories: getting started, media sources, organizations, regions and countries, and topics.

See also UCSB Library research guide for Treaties and International Agreements.

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