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Music: Linking in GauchoSpace

Linking in GauchoSpace


If you are a faculty member and you use GauchoSpace, you can create links on your course pages to listening selections from the library's subscription audio databases by following the instructions below. 

Summary Instructions

1. Copy the URL of a listening selection in any of the UCSB Library’s licensed listening databases.

2. To the beginning of this URL, add the following:

3. In your GauchoSpace course page, link to the selection using the entire, prefixed URL.

Detailed Instructions

The library’s licensed listening databases now comprise over 50,000 albums. You can add links in GauchoSpace to selections from any of these resources:

American Song (AS)

Classical Music Library (CML)

Contemporary World Music (CWM)

Naxos Music Library (NML)

Naxos Music Library Jazz (NMLJ)

Smithsonian Global Sound (SGS)

Students listening off campus will automatically be prompted to login to the library’s proxy server when they select one of these links from your GauchoSpace page. If they select multiple examples within one session, the log-in prompt appears for the first one only.

1. In NML and NMLJ, find your example, select “Show Static URL” on the left, and copy the URL. In AS, CWM, CML, and SGS, the URL icon for an album or individual track is labelled “Embed/Link” and is located at the top left next to the print icon. When you click on the icon, a new window appears containing the URL, with the heading “Permalink to ‘Embedded Video’”. Copy the URL.

2. Paste the URL into a word processing file or notepad and prefix it with the following URL for the library’s proxy server:

For example, if the URL for your selection from Naxos Music Library is:

your prefixed URL will be:

Copy the new, prefixed URL so that you can paste it into GauchoSpace.

Note: The URL prefix is available from the library website. From the library home page, select Off-Campus Login > Tools for Easier Use, and see “Maintaining Proxied Web Page Links to Library E-Resources.”

3. Go to your GauchoSpace course page, turn editing on, and simply create the link to the listening selection as you would for any other resource: From the “Add a resource” menu, select “Link to a file or web site,” and on the resulting page, name your link, paste in your URL, and save.

4. Note: For selections from the Naxos databases, when a link is selected in GauchoSpace, the player opens immediately (or immediately following log-in) and the selection begins to play. For the other databases, students will need to click the Play icon on the page that opens directly from the course page.

For further assistance, please contact Cathy (x2641, or Temmo (x2641, in the Music Library.

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