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Music: Flute

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Browsing the catalog

  • You can also browse for scores and books using UC Library Search. In Advanced Search, select the Call Number (LC) option and type one of the M numbers in the search box.  From the search shown below, can you tell how many scores of solo unaccompanied flute music the library has?

Finding scores and recordings

  • To find a specific musical work, in Advanced Search enter the composer and title, and select Scores, Compact Discs, etc. from the format menu:

  • To find a work with a generic title, such as a sonata or concerto, enter the composer's name, enter sonatas flute (or concertos flute, etc.) for the title, and then select Scores, Compact Discs, etc. from the format menu:

Chamber music

  • To find out what scores the library has for a particular medium of chamber music, search using specific Subjects in the library catalog.  The following search will find scores of flute duets.  Notice that Yes has been selected under Word(s) as Phrase:

Try the following subjects for other chamber music combinations:

  • sonatas flutes 2 
    [sonatas for two flutes; M288, M289]
  • woodwind trios flutes 3  
    [flute trios; M357.2, M358, M359]
  • woodwind quartets flutes 4  
    [flute quartets; M457.2, M458, M459]

  • trios piano flute*  
    [trios for piano, flute, and one other instrument; M317, M322]
  • quartets piano flute*  
    [quartets for piano, flute, and two other instruments; M417, M422]
  • quintets piano flute*  
    [quintets for piano, flute, and three other instruments; M517, M522]
  • wind trios flute*  
    [wind trios that include flute; M357]
  • wind quartets flute* 
    [wind quartets that include flute; M457]
  • wind quintets flute* 
    [wind quintets that include flute; M557]



In UC Library Search use the following Subject Keywords to find books on the history of the flute and its construction and literature.  Many (but not all) of the books you'll find with these subject keywords are shelved under the ML numbers shown.  The catalog indicates when a book is located in the reference section of the music library, which is just beside the entrance to the book and score area.


Flute -- Bibliography

ML128 .F7

Flute music -- Bibliography

ML128 .F7

Flute -- History


Flute music -- History and criticism


Flute - Construction


Flute players 
ML399, ML419 (and elsewhere) 

Journal Articles

The call number of Flute Talk is ML929 .F6.  You will find the latest issue in the reading area of the music library.

To search for articles on the flute, use the following databases:

Listen to Music

Browse for Scores: M

Finding flute music

  • You can find music for flute by simply browsing the shelves in the music library.  In the Library of Congress system, used in academic libraries, call numbers of scores begin with the letter M, followed by a number that designates the medium of performance.  Important numbers for flute are M62 (solo unaccompanied), M242 (flute solo with keyboard), and M1021 (flute concertos, piano reduction).  Within most numbers, scores are in order alphabetically by composer.  For example, to find a piano reduction score of a Mozart flute concerto, just look under M1021 M. More numbers:

Solo unaccompanied

  • M60 -- Collections of original and arranged works
  • M61 -- Collections of original works
  • M62 -- Separate works, original
  • M63 -- Collections of arranged works
  • M64 -- Separate works, arranged

Solo with piano

  • M240 -- Collections of original and arranged works
  • M241 -- Collections of original works
  • M242 -- Separate works, original
  • M243 -- Collections of arranged works
  • M244 -- Separate works, arranged

Solo with full orchestra

  • M1020 -- Full scores
  • M1021 -- Piano reductions

Solo with string orchestra

  • M1120 -- Full scores
  • M1121 -- Piano reductions

Chamber music

  • M288, 289 -- Two wind instruments
  • M317, 417, 517 (etc.) -- Trios (quartets, quintets, etc.) for piano plus two (three, four etc.) wind instruments
  • M322, 422, 522 (etc.) -- Trios (quartets, quintets, etc.) for piano plus two (three, four etc.) string(s) plus wind(s)
  • M357, 457, 557 (etc.) -- Wind trios, quartets, quintets (etc.)
  • M357.2, 457.2, 557.2 (etc.) -- Woodwind trios, quartets, quintets (etc.)

Orchestral music

  • M1001 -- Symphonies
  • M1002 -- Symphonic poems
  • M1003 -- Variations, suites
  • M1004 -- Overtures

Browse for Books, Methods, etc.: ML and MT

Finding books

  • Call numbers of books begin with ML, and call numbers of instructional materials such as methods, studies, and orchestral excerpts begin with MT.  Browse under these numbers to find books and instructional materials for flute:


  • ML931 -- General books on woodwind instruments
  • ML935 -- General books on the history of the flute
  • ML936 -- History of flute construction
  • ML937 -- History of flute playing


  • MT340 -- General instructional works on the flute
  • MT342 -- Systems and methods
  • MT345 -- Studies and exercises
  • MT346 -- Orchestral studies

Instruction and Study

In the UCSB Library Catalog, search using the following Subject Keywords to find flute methods, studies, etc.  Most (but not all) instructional works with these headings are shelved under the MT classes indicated:

Flute -- Instruction and study

MT340, M342

Flute -- Studies and exercises


Flute -- Methods


Flute -- Orchestral excerpts


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