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Tools: BrowZine Widget

Before you begin...

You will find directions below for creating a subject-specific BrowZine Widget. A general widget already exisits on the UC Library Search guide. Please reuse that widget if you'd like a general widget for your guide:

Note: You cannot have two widgets on the same page of your guide, only one will load properly. If you insert the general widget then create a subject-specific widget, go back and delete your mapping of the general widget to see your subject-specific widget.

Create a Subject-Specific Browzine Widget

A. Design your widget

1. Go to the Third Iron website:

2. Choose your widget size - 100% (responsive) is the default and recommended.

3. Change Title Bar Color to the same yellow as our guides: FFEB9B

4. Change Title Bar Font Color to black: 000000

5. Edit the description (slightly smaller font in the widget box).

  • The description in our default widget box is: BrowZine is a browsable newsstand of the electronic journals held by the UCSB Library. Easily discover, read, and monitor the key journals in your field.

6. Edit the Widget Title.

  • The title on our default BrowZine widget is: Explore journals at the UCSB Library.

7. Under "Choose your institution" type or scroll down to University of California Santa Barbara.

8. Select relevant subjects* by clicking on the orange "Choose" link. You can drill down as far as you like, but you cannot choose more than one set per widget.

9. Decide how many journals you want to feature (10 is the default). Covers of the journal will cycle through automatically on your widget.

10. Click the "Update Widget" button. Look over the Widget Preview, and make adjustments as needed. 

11. Copy the Widget Output Code from the box.

B. Embed Widget in your LibGuide

12. In a new or exisiting box, click on the "Add/Reorder" options menu.

  • If the widget is going to be in it's own box, consider making it a "floating" box so the title doesn't appear once on the box and once on the widget.

13. Select Media / Widget

14. Give your widget a descriptive name

  • This will not be visible on the public facing part of the guide, but it will allow you and others to find or reuse your widget. "BrowZine Widget for Library Science" is a better descriptor than BrowZine Widget or Widget.
  • Suggest name is BrowZine - Your Subject Name

15. Paste in your code from A.11.

16. Click Save.

  • You may not see the widget right away on your guide - if this happens check the preview or refresh the page. 


* If you cannot find your subject try doing a search in BrowZine, if you see a red subject icon next to a topic you can then find it in the dropdown.



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