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World History by Region: Home

How to Use this Research Guide

This guide provides tips and links to help you with your world history research, when that history falls within a specific region or part of the world.

The Library Research Strategies page gives a quick overview on how to do library research.

The broad regions covered on this guide are:

▪ Africa
▪ Asia
▪ Australia & Oceania
▪ British Isles
▪ Europe
▪ Latin America
▪ Middle East

Each region tab has lists of links (for online resources) and call numbers (for print resources) that you may find useful for your research.  There are lists of Background & Reference Information Sources, as well as Primary Source resources, Scholarly Article Sources, and other sources of information that you can access in the UCSB Library and via its online resource links.

Related History Research Guides

While this guide focuses specifically on world history by region, the UCSB Library has related history research guides for: 
  • United States History 
  • World History (generally)
  • World History by Period 
    • prehistory & ancient history
    • medieval history
    • early modern history
    • 19th & 20th centuries
  • World History by Topic
    • Commerce, Commodities & Material Culture
    • Empires, Borderlands & their Legacies
    • Gender & Sexualities
    • Public History
    • History of Public Policy
    • Race & Ethnicity
    • Religion, Culture & Society
    • Science & Technology
You may need to consult more than one of these guides to locate the information resources that best cover your topic.

Erdapfel - the Oldest Surviving Terrestrial Globe

Behaims Erdapfel-edit-DenisBarthel

Image Source: Alexander Franke (Ossiostborn) / CC BY-SA 2.0 DE