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World History by Period: Home

How to Use this Research Guide

This guide provides tips and links to help you with your world history research, when that history falls within a specific period of time.

The Library Research Strategies page gives a quick overview on how to do library research.

The broad periods of history covered on this guide are:

▪ Prehistory & ancient history
▪ Medieval history
▪ Early modern history
▪ 19th & 20th centuries

Each period tab has lists of links for Background & Reference Information, Primary Sources Scholarly Articles, and other sources.

Related History Research Guides

While this guide focuses specifically on world history by period, the UCSB Library has related history research guides for: 
You may need to consult more than one of these guides to locate the information resources that best cover your topic.

Getting Started

There are multiple research guides for history.



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