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FAMST 101C: Other Streaming Media

New Wave Cinemas 1958-1989

Streaming media not available in the library

There are many paid, discounted, and even free streaming media options available outside of the UCSB Library This page is meant to point you towards materials that the library does not own, and in some cases, cannot obtain the license to buy or distribute. Even though we cannot buy every item used for every class or research project, we hope this can help you locate the materials you may need for your instruction or research. In particular, this page will help point students toward low or no-cost options if you're asked to look at one or more films from a list of available options. If there are education-related discounts or options for items exclusive to specific platforms we'll add it on this page. Remember: Titles are regularly removed from streaming media platforms without notification so what you find there today may not be available there in the immediate future.


Which platform is the movie on?

Many popular films and TV shows are available on multiple platforms. If you're not sure where you can find a film or show, try searching using one of these tools. 

JustWatch US helps users easily locate where to watch movies and television shows in the United States. It includes information on materials contained in Netflix, Prime Video, Disney +, Apple TV, Hulu, HBO Max, Peacock, Paramount+, and more. 

ReelGood is an app-based search tool that allows you to add your streaming subscription services and search among their offerings. 

Commercial Platforms



  • Offers student discounts 
  • Does not license or sell physical copies of other programs and Netflix original materials to libraries and other educational institutions



Many other commercial streaming media platforms offer a trial period if students are interested in pursuing platforms on their own.

Libraries and Other Educational Institutions

  • Many libraries and archives provide free streaming of parts of their archival collections. See the Digital Resources for Film & Media Studies Guide for some recommendations.
  • The Santa Barbara Public Library offers library users access to streaming media via their Kanopy subscription. Library users with a library card can create a Kanopy account and have access to 5 credits/plays per month. See the library’s instructions for downloads and streaming for more information.
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