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Materials Science and Engineering: Composites

Subject guide for materials science and engineering

Locating Books

To locate books on your topic, use the UCSB Library Search. As a starting point, use a keyword search on the likely terms. You are unlikely to find references to a specific composite material, but may be able to find useful books on classes of materials. If the more specific subject fails, browse the subject heading "Composite materials" itself. Call number ranges for materials science and engineering include:

  • QC 176 - Solid state physics / Condensed matter physics
  • TA 418.9 .C9 - "Special" materials, including composites

General Reference Works

(see also: General Materials Science Reference Guide)

Analysis and Characterization of Composite Materials -- besides references below, see also: Analytical Chemistry Reference Guide

ASM Handbook (SEL Ref Area TA 459 .A53)
Though most of the multi-volume ASM Handbook series is devoted to metals and alloys, some of the more recent volumes have sections devoted to composites. Volume 21 is devoted entirely to composites, with chapters on Constituent Materials; Mechanics, Analysis and Design; Manufacturing; Post-processing and Assembly; Quality Assurance; Testing and Certification; ; Properties and Performace; Reliability and Repair; Failur Analysis; Recycling and Disposal; and Applications. All are by experts in the field and well-referenced.

The Composite Materials Handbook MIL 17 (SEL Ref AreaTA 418.9 .C6 C664 2002)
This five volume handbook compiles the MIL-KDBK-17 specifications for forming, properties, testing and characterization of polymer matrix somposites (three volumes), metal matrix composites (one volume) and ceramic matrix composites (one volume). These standards are extemely important in industrial applications.

Comprehensive Composite Materials (SEL Ref Area TA 418.9 .C6 C6344 2002)
This six voume collection of authoritative review articles is grouped by Basic Reinforcement Materials and Theory of Composites; Polymer Matrix Composites; Metal Matrix Composites; Carbon, Cement and Ceramic Matrix Composites; Testing and Non-Destructive Evaluation of Composites and Smart Composites; and Design and Applications of Composites. All the articles are thorough and well-referenced.

Encyclopedia of Advanced Materials (SEL Ref Area TA 404.3 .E53 1994)
This four volume work contains short articles on a whide variety of "advanced" materials, including ceramics, composites, polymers, specialty alloys and electronic amterials.

Encyclopedia of Materials Science and Technology (SEL Ref Area TA 402 .E53 2001)
This eleven volume work coers the entire range of materials science and engineering, including metals, ceramics, polymers, composites, electronic materials and biomaterials. Each article has a brief bibliography, and the set has a good subject index in Volume 11.

Encyclopedia of Smart Materials (SEL Ref Area TA 418.9 .S62 2002)
This two volume encyclopedia covers the field of "smart materials", a widely interdisciplinary examination of materials and structures which respond or adapt to surrounding condtions, such as piezoelectric ceramics, shape memory alloys, magnetorheological fluids and so on. The reviews here may be of interest to materials scientists and engineers working with almost any class of material. The articles have excellent biblipgraphies.

Handbook of Ceramic Composites (SEL Ref Area TA 418.9 .C6 H319 2005)
As the title suggests, this one-volume work is devoted to composites in which ceramics are both the matrix and the reinforcing fiber. It covers both oxide and non-oxide ceramics.

Handbook of Ceramics and Composites (SEL Ref Area TA 418.9 .C6 H32 1990)
This two-volume collection of review articles is divided into Synthesis and Properties, and Morphology and Stress Mechanics. (Additional volumes were announced, but none have been released.)



Locating Articles