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UCSB Library Self-Guided Tour

This guide has been optimized for use on a mobile device and is designed to introduce students to the services and spaces of the UCSB Library.

UCSB Library Self-Guided Tour

Welcome to the UCSB Library Self-Guided Tour! This tour is designed to help you become familiar with the collections, spaces, and services available to you as a UCSB student. The tour works best on a mobile device. So, grab your phone or tablet and connect to the wifi, and expect to take about 30 minutes to complete the entire tour -- the Library is as long as two football fields and has eight stories at its highest point.


Before starting out...

How do I get started? 

The UCSB Library Self-Guided tour is designed for undergraduate students to become familiar with the Library's physical space and major services. It is optimized for viewing on a mobile device.

How long does this take?

You will need between 30-60 minutes to complete the entire tour and take the knowledge check at the end. 

Why should I take this tour?

Anyone who is interested in learning more about UCSB Library's physical space! By the end of this tour you should be able to 

  1. navigate the UCSB library's physical spaces
  2. name and locate specific collections within the library's holdings, for example Art & Architecture, Special Research Collections, Ethnic and Gender Studies Collections, the Social Justice Zine Collection etc.
  3. locate major public service points essential student success and
  4. articulate that the library collects materials on a variety of subjects and formats

I was told to take this for a class - how do I prove that I did this?

After you finish the tour, take the Knowledge Check on the final page.  A results page will be sent to your email address that you can turn in to your instructor for class credit.



Screenshot of UCSB Library Entrances with the right and left arrows highlighted to explain navigation

How to use a the slideshow boxes

There's a lot we want to share with you that we don't want you to miss! So we combined some topics into an image slideshow like this one.  

Use the arrows to the right and left of each image to scroll to the next image and learn more about the topic. 

Screenshot of UCSB Library Self Guided Tour - highlighting page navigation buttons

Navigate to the next floor

When you've finished exploring a floor, you will see arrows at the bottom of the page.  Click on the arrows for information on the next floor. Your tour starts on UCSB Library's 1st floor and continues to the 8th floor. 

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