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Theater: Playscripts

Finding Playscripts in UCSB Library

The best way to locate plays in the library is to search UC Library Search by



"Title" AND Author/Creator


Screenshot of Advanced UC Library Search with fields highlighted

But if you want to search for plays based on

  • topic or dramatic theme
  • cast size
  • different types of roles
  • one act vs. full length

then, use some of the resources below to find out about plays that have been published and THEN come back to UC Library Search or WorldCat Discovery and search for a copy to borrow.

Full-Text Plays Online

If you just need to read the play, try one of these databases.

These databases were designed for reading plays as pieces of literature. They are not formatted in a way that is easy to print or create acting-copies. You cannot download them to eReaders, and in some cases even printing has been disabled.

If you just need to read a copy of a play, try one of the databases below.

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