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UCSB Reads 2021: Faculty & Courses

How to Get UCSB Reads 2021 Books for Faculty/Classes

(Scroll down for instructions specific to faculty and to students on using the book in GauchoSpace)

The Library is making the UCSB Reads 2021 book, When They Call You A Terrorist: A Black Lives Matter Memoir by Patrisse Cullors and asha bandele, available to faculty, students, classes, and staff in several ways.

To learn about these options, please fill out the request form linked here.


Faculty who are considering incorporating the book into a winter or spring course can have a copy mailed to their home address by writing

In addition, UCSB Library has five print copies that are available through our Pickup and Mailing Service.


The Library will provide free electronic copies of the book to all students reading the book as part of a class. Students can either read the book on their device by downloading the Glose app, or they can read it within GauchoSpace.  Please see more details and instructions below.


If you have decided to incorporate the UCSB Reads book into a 2021 winter or spring class, please write with the course title, quarter, expected enrollment, and total number of copies needed.

For all other questions, please email

Course Integration - Winter Quarter 2021

Winter 2021:  The following courses are reading the UCSB Reads book in winter:

ASAM 195H: Senior Honors Project (Xiaojian Zhao)

CNCSP260B:  Basic Practicum I in the Department of Counseling, Clinical, & School Psychology ( Heidi A. Zetzer)

COMM 176: Forensic Communication (Dan Linz)

ED 371: Professional Issues in Teaching English/Language Arts (Tim Dewar)

ECE 254B:  Parallel Processing ( Behrooz Parhami)

HIST 144J: Race and Juvenile Justice in U.S. History (Miroslava Chavez-Garcia)

INT 94MW: Freshman Seminars (Mattanjah de Vries)

PS 263: Race, Ethnicity and Gender in American Politics (Pei-Te Lien)

PS/ASAM 160: Asian American Politics (Pei-Te Lien)

WRIT 2ACE: Writing 2 ACE (Kathy Patterson, Christopher Dean, Brian Ernst)

WRIT1/2: Approaches to University Writing (Leslie Hammer)

WRIT 105C Creative Nonfiction (Kara Brown)

Course Integration - Spring 2021

Spring 2021

ART 14: Lower-Division Print (Iman Djouini)                                                                                   

ASAM 195H: Senior Honors Project  (Xiaojian Zhao)

CHST 175: Social Movements (Ralph Armbruster Sandoval)

FEMST 270: Feminist Epistemologies (Eileen Boris)

ENGL 134RJ: Creative Imagination of Racial Justice: Contemporary Non-Fiction and Social Transformation (Swati Ranna and Maria Sintura) 

GLOBL 110: Global Culture and Ethics (Vladimir Hamed-Troyansky)

PS 161: US Minority Politics (Pei-Te Lien)

SOC 213: The Practice of Critical Ethnography (Kum-Kum Bhavnani) 

THTR 184AA: African American Performance (Jaime Gray)

WRIT 105PD: Writing Public Discourse (Martha Webber)

WRIT 2: Academic Writing (Leslie Hammer)

WRIT 2: Academic Writing (Brian Ernst)

Can you incorporate When They Call You A Terrorist into your 2021 winter or spring quarter courses in any way? The Library has free advance copies of the book to distribute to faculty members who are considering participating in UCSB Reads. To request a copy, please write

For Instructors - Adding the Glose Education Application to Your Gauchospace Course

View a video of the instructions here.

1. On your course page turn editing on.

2. Turn on advance tools. 

3. Click on " Add activity or resource" for the section you would like the link to appear in. We advise adding it at the top of the course.

4. Select the External tool activity option and the click "Add".

5. Give the tool a name such as "Glose" and select Glose from the Preconfigured tool drop-down menu, then click Save and return to the course. 

By importing the Glose Education app this way, Glose is embedded within the page on your site!


Instructors and Students - Setting Up Your Glose Education Account

  1.  In your Gauchospace course, click on the Glose app.

  2.  Agree to the Glose Terms of Service when prompted. You do not need to agree to receive newsletters from Glose.

  3. The application will automatically create a user account based on your Gauchospace credentials. Instructors will be placed in as "teachers", students as "students".

  4. IInstructors - This is a great time to set up your class instance in the Glose app. Glose should automatically pull in your course information to create a "classroom". This information should appear under the "My Classrooms" heading along the left side navigation panel. If you do not see a classroom listed, select "+ create a classroom" and submit the form to complete the process.

If you would like to use the Glose Education app on another device (ipad, cell phone) or would like to use the web browser you will need to update your account with a password. 

  1.  In the top right corner, click your profile icon.
  2.  Scroll down the list and select "account settings"
  3. You will be able to update your used account name and create a password for the account, You will need to keep the email address at the ucsb,edu identifiable address for the account to connect properly with Gauchospace.  

Instructors - Additional resources for  using the Glose Education App can be found here

For Instructors - Adding the UCSB Reads Book to your Classroom

  1. Find your course in Gauchospace and select the Glose Education App. 

  2.  From the Glose Education homepage, on the left side navigation panel, find "My Schools" and click into "UC Santa Barbara".

  3.  Once you are in "UC Santa Barbara", scroll down to "Books" on the left side and click on the book cover When They Call You a Terrorist: A Black Lives Matter Memoir.

  4.  You will be directed to the book's profile page on the Glose for Education site. From here, click on the  "+ Add to..."  text located right below the book cover.

  5. Scroll down to "Your Classrooms" and click on your classroom title.

  6. The book should now appear in your classroom. 

Watch instructional video

Students - Instructions for Reading the UCSB Reads Book on GauchoSpace

  1. Navigate to the Glose Education App through your course in Gauchospace. 

  2.  From the Glose Education homepage, on the left side navigation panel, find the header "My Schools" and click into "UC Santa Barbara".

  3.  Once you are in "UC Santa Barbara", scroll down to "Books" on the left side. You should see the front cover of "When They Call You a Terrorist: A Black Lives Matter Memoir". Click on the cover to select it to be directed to the Glose Education Book Profile page. 

  4. On the book profile page, find the green button on the right side of the screen with "Read Now". Click to select. (NOTE: Please ignore the "Buy in one click" box. UCSB Library is giving you one free copy!)

  5. The book should now appear on your home screen, but if you cannot find your copy at any point, follow the instructions again to navigate to your copy to "Resume Reading".

Watch instructional video. 

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