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A two-credit course in the techniques and tools for effective searching the literature of chemistry, biochemistry, chemical engineering and related fields.

Chem 184/284 - Chemical Literature

Chemistry 184/284 is a two-credit course in the techniques and tools for effectively searching the literature of chemistry, biochemistry, chemical engineering and related fields. Students will be introduced to how information is organized in the chemical sciences, including data collections such as Reaxys and indexes to the literature such as SciFinder-n, as well as the different types of primary literature and other resources useful to the chemical researcher.

Undergraduates should register in Chem 184; graduate students in Chem 284.  The course is taught each Winter Quarter, and meets twice weekly from 2:00-3:15pm on Tuesdays nd Thursdays. 

UPDATE: Per an announcement from the Chancellor , this class will be taught remotely from Ja. 3 until to the end of January. The Zoom link for the course is given on our GauchoSpace page.

Barring further changes, the course will be taught in-person in Room 1312 Library, beginning Tues, February 1.

Syllabus - Winter 2021

This is the definitive syllabus for the quarter, and may be updated or changed as necessity requires. Lecture quizzes are to be completed and turned in by the following lecture. Quizzes should be answered in GauchoSpace

Monday, January 3, 2022 -Winter Quarter begins

Tuesday, January 4 - Lecture 1: Overview of the Organization of Information

Thursday, January 6 - Lecture 2: Techniques of the Efficient Information Searcher

Friday, January 7 - Last day to drop courses without a fee.  Last day to add courses without an approval code.

Tuesday, January 11 - Lecture 3: Part I: Library Catalogs vs. Article Databases vs. Search Engines; Part II: Finding Books in the Library: Call Numbers, and the UC Library Search.

Thursday, January 13 - Lecture 4: Data Collections, Part I 

Friday, January 14 - Last day to add courses or change grading options without a fee.

Monday, January 17 - Martin Luther King, Jr. holiday

Tuesday, January 18 - Lecture 5: Data Collections, Part II: Beilstein + Gmelin = Reaxys

Mid-Term 1 Given Out Today.  Due: Tuesday, February 1!

Thursday, January 20 - Lecture 6: Primary Literature, Part I: Journals, Copyright, Open Access, Repositories, Preprints

Monday, January 24 - Last day to add classes.

Tuesday, January 25 - Lecture 7: Primary Literature, Part II: Conference Papers, Patents, Technical Reports, Dissertations nd Databases for Science and Engineering

Brief description of term project topics due by Thursday, Jan. 27!

Thursday, January 27 - Lecture 8: Indexes and Databases for Science and Engineering

Brief term project descriptions due TODAY!

Monday, January 31 - Last day for undergraduates in Letters & Science or Engineering to drop classes.

Tuesday, February 1 - Lecture 9: Citations Part I- Searching Them, Web of Science, Part II - Creating and Managing Them, EndNote Web, Part III - Evaluating2with Citations, Impact Factors and Journal Citation Reports

Mid-term Exam 1: DUE TODAY!!

Thursday, February 3 - Lecture 10: Chemical Abstracts Service and the Legacy of Print

Tuesday, February 8 - Lecture 11: SciFinder-n Part 1 - Introduction and Exploring References by Author

Thursday, February 10 - Lecture 12: SciFinder-n Part 2 - Exploring References by Research Topic 

Tuesday, February 15 - Lecture 13: SciFinder-n, Part 3 - Exploring Substances: Substance Displays, Name Searching, Molecular Formula Searching and Property Searching, Biosequence Searching

Mid-term Exam 2 given out today; due Thuesday, March 1

Thursday, February 17 - Lecture 14: SciFinder-n, Part 4 - Exploring Substances by Structure Searching

Monday, February 21- Presidents' Day. holiday

Tuesday, February 22 - Lecture 15: SciFinder-n Part 5 - Exploring Organic Reactions; SciPlanner

Thursday, February 24 - Lecture 16: The New Web and Mobile Science 

Friday, February 25 - Last day for undergraduates in LAS or Engineering to change grading options.

Tuesday, March 1 - Lecture 17: Altmetrics

          Mid-term Exam 2 DUE TODAY!!

Course Evaluation as ESCI. Ends Friday, Mar. 12




Friday, March 11 - Last day for graduate students and students in CCS to drop courses or change grading options.

Monday, March 14 - Submissions open for Library Award for Undergraduate Research (LAUR) Submissions close April 30.

 Tuesday, March 15, 2022 - WRITTEN FINAL PROJECTS must be turned in NO LATER than 11:59 pm!!

Friday, April 1, 2022 - Start date for submissions for the Library Award for Undergraduate Research Deadline is April 30.

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