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Black Studies: Article Databases

Information resources on people of African descent worldwide with emphasis on: the Americas & Africa

Journal, News & Magazine Articles

Find Articles, Citations, Reviews, and more in these Indexes and Databases:

Some others to consider are:

Google Scholar

Google Scholar Search

Search Tips

When searching databases, use AND, OR, quotation marks, asterisks and parentheses. 

Combine search terms with AND.  Combine synonyms with OR.

"Quotation Marks" - used for phrases like "plastic surgery." 

Asterisk * - placed before or at the end to find all variations of a word.  For example, *ethics will bring back bioethics.  *ethic* might bring back unethical.

Already have the citation? Find an article with citation linker!

# or ? - helps when you know of different ways to spell a word - for example British, American or slang way to spell may be different and you want to keep your search open.  Grey vs gray or colour vs color.