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Art and Architecture: Architecture Resources

Resources in Art and Architecture

Background Information

  • Index to Italian Architecture
    • Reference NA1111.T4 1992
    • Find interiors, exteriors, plans, elevations, and/or sections in other books
  • Structurae
    •  Free web resource, geared toward structural engineering
    • Contains detailed information about (predominately European) buildings and other structures
  • World Architecture Index 
    •    Reference NA202.T4 1991

Pictorial Architectural Dictionaries

  • Architecture and Ornament: An Illustrated Dictionary
    • Reference NA2840.M36 1998
    • Illustrations arranged by building part precede the dictionary
  • The Grammar of Architecture
    • Reference NA200.G75 2002
    • Arranged by period, contains glossary
  • Illustrated Dictionary of Architecture
    • Reference NA31.B83 2002
    • Entries are arranged alphabetically, with cross-referenced subdivisions
  • Materials, Structures, and Standards: All the Details Architects Need to Know but can Never Find
    • Reference NA2540.M43 2006
    • Included are tables, charts, diagrams, dimensions, standards, codes and general data useful to architects
    • Organized in six chapters
    • Contains a cross-referenced guide
  • Reading Architecture: A Visual Lexicon
    • Reference NA2840.H66 2012
    • Visual guide to architecture
    • Includes a glossary and index
  • The Visual Dictionary of American Domestic Architecture
    • Reference NA7205.C27 1994
    • Strictly visual- no glossary of terms
    • Arranged chronologically by style/type
  • A Visual Dictionary of Architecture
    • Reference NA31.C44 1995
    • Definitions clustered under thematic entries
    • Includes many structural terms
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