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ENVI 40 - Critical Thinking and Evidence-Based Reasoning for the Environment (Martin, Spring 2024): Internet Sources

Course Library Research Guide

Searching the Web

To help find reliable information:

When performing a Google search, look for the tools icon in the top right corner (it looks like a cog) of the results page and select "advanced search." From there, limit to a specific domain, such as .gov, or .edu. You can also limit by file type .pdf to find documents.

Web Sites

Google search tips

  • Site: use to limit your search to .org or .gov websites. 
    • Example: "organic farm*" (searches the phrases organic farm, organic farms, organic farming)
  • Or search within a specific website.
    • Example: "Wastewater treatment"
  • Use quotes for an exact phrase.
    • Example: “sustainable transportation”