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UCSB Reads 2022

Course Integration - Winter Quarter 2022

Winter 2022:

  ART 100: Intermediate Contemporary Painting Issues;  Jane Callister

CMPSC 185: Human-Computer Interaction; Misha Sra

CMPSC1901: Introduction to Natural Language Processing; William Wang

ED E 371: Professional Issues; Tim Dewar

ENGL 10: Introduction to Literary Study - Exploring Literature and the Culture of Information; Brian Donnelly

ENGL 146AI: Literature and/of Artificial Intelligence; Rita Raley

ENGL165AD: Transpacific Speculative Fiction: Imagining Asian Pacific Futures;  Heidi Amin-Hong

FEMST 139: Women of Color Revolutionary Dialogues;  Grace Chang

FEMST 186: Gender and Society;  Grace Chang

LING 12: Approached to University Writing for Multilingual Students; Amy Small

MCDB 194KF: Science for the Common Good;  Kathy Foltz

PHIL 145: Punishment & Responsibility; Elinor Mason

RG ST 110F: Religion and Science Fiction; Rudy Busta

WRIT 2: Academic Writing 2;  Christopher Dean

WRIT 109SS: Writing for the Social Sciences; Kathy Patterson



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