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Publishing Resources for STEM Authors: Peer Review

A guide with resources to accompany the workshops on publishing for gradute students and post-doctoral researchers.

Introduction - Peer Review

What is Peer Review? - "The process by which an academic journal passes a paper submitted for publication to independent experts for comments on its suitability and worth; refereeing." (Oxford English Dictionary)

Types of peer review:

Adapted from Wiley's "Types of peer review"
Anonymous (single anonymous, single-blind) Author doesn't know the identiy of the reviewer., but reviewer knows who the author is.
Double anonymous (double-blind) Reviewer doesn't know the identity of the author, and vice-versa.
Open peer review The identity of the author and the reviewer is known by all participants, during or after the review process.
Transparent peer review Review report is posted with the published article. Reviewer can choose if they want to share their identity.
Collaborative peer review  

Two or more reviewers work together to submit a unified report., OR

Author revises manuscript under the supervision of one or more reviewers.

Post-publication peer review Review solicited or unsolicited, of a published paper. Does not exclude other forms of peer review.


Resources for Peer Review

Kelly J, Sadeghieh T, Adeli K. Peer Review in Scientific Publications: Benefits, Critiques, & A Survival Guide. EJIFCC. 2014 Oct 24;25(3):227-43. PMID: 27683470; PMCID: PMC4975196. (Available from PubMed Central:

How to Write a Peer Review: 12 Things You Need to Know, from Publons Blog, 17 November, 2019. (Note: Publons is a product of Clarivate Analytics that tracks peer reviewing activity.

ACS Reviewer Lab

Peer review training for scientific researchers. Includes videos and interactive modules.

AGU Read, Publish & Review

Includes sections on how to submit; how to review; open access; data policy; scientific integrity and professional ethics; and more.

APA Reviewer Resource Center

Includes “Become a reviewer”, “learn how to review a manuscript”, “get recognized for peer review”

BioMed Central Peer Review Process

Brief description of what peer review is and how it works.

CSIRO Publishing for Reviewers

Ways to get recognition for reviewing manuscripts.

Elsevier for Reviewers

Describes the peer review process at Elsevier, includes videos about the reviewer experience.

GSL Guidelines for Reviewers

Includes: Should you review?; Ethics; How to assess; Benefits of reviewing.

IET Resources for Referees

Links to referee resources for individual journals

OSA Publishing Reviewer Resource Center

Includes videos introducing peer review; peer review criteria, and a course for becoming a certified peer reviewer for OSA.

SAGE Publications Journal Reviewer Gateway

Explanation of peer review; peer review guidelines; extensive resources for reviewers.

Wiley Researcher Services

Includes information on  peer review and more, in a variety of formats.including videos, podcasts and webinars.


"Explainer: what is peer review?" from The Conversation

"How to be a Good Peer Reviewer" from The Scholarly Kitchen

"Scrutinizing Science: Peer Review" from Understanding Science.

"What is peer review?" -  Elsevier

"What is peer review?" - Wiley

"What is Peer Review in Science? A Complete Guide" from Artifacts Researcher Blog

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