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UC Library Search: Saving Searches & Creating Alerts

This guide gives tips on how to use the UC Library Search system.

Saving Items From Your Search

You can save items from your search by clicking on the "Keep this item" (pin) icon. 

Keep this item icon

"Guest" mode (not logged in): 

The system will save the search until you close the tab.

Logged in: 

Your items will be saved to your account.

NOTE:  You must be logged in at the time you save the items.  If you log in after having saved them, you will have to save them again.

Viewing Saved Items

To view your saved items, click on the "Go to my favorites" (pin) icon in the upper right-hand corner.

Go to my favorites icon

Exporting Your Saved Items

To view your saved items, use the "Go to my favorites link".  If you want to see items that you have saved to your account, log in before going to your favorites.  If you are in guest mode, you will only see items saved during that session.

Click on the quotation mark (") icon.  You will be able to chose from different methods to export the information, including:

  • Export:  Exports to a specific bibliographic management system,
  • Citation:  Formats a citation (") that can be copied and pasted into another document,
  • Permalink:  Creates a permalink for the record that can be copied and pasted into another document,
  • Print:  Formats the the record for printing, or
  • E-Mail:  Allows you to email the record.

Saving Searches & Creating Notifications

Before saving a search, sign in to your account.

To save your search, click on the "Save query" (pin) icon just at the top of the results list.

save query icon

If you would like to receive a notification whenever something is added to the system that meets your search criteria, there are 2 ways to do this.

1.  Use the "Turn on notification for this query" link that will appear at the top of the screen when you save the search.

Set alert


2. Log in to your account and click on "Go to my favorites" (the pin icon).  View your saved searches.  Click on the "Set an alert for this search" (bell) icon next to the search.

Set alert icon