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UC Library Search: Accessing Full Text

This guide gives tips on how to use the UC Library Search system.

Accessing Full Text from Off Campus

There are a few outstanding problems with off-campus access to full text through UC Library Search for some users that we are working to resolve.  Meanwhile, we recommend these work-arounds.

Using the Campus VPN

The off-campus access issues with UC Library Search are only affecting users who are using the proxy server.  If you use the campus VPN, you should not experience any problems with accessing full text through UC Library Search.

For those who have never used the VPN, the following instructions are available:

NOTE:  It is very important that you read and follow the instructions for installing the VPN client exactly.  If you miss a step, it likely will not work properly.

Using the Proxy Server Differently

Do not use the off-campus login link from the Library website before using UC Library Search.  The links to full text from within UC Library Search should route you through the proxy server login box, where you can enter your UCSBnet ID and password to access full text.

There are some links that are not routing you through the proxy server.  For these links, you need to install and use the Off Campus Bookmark Tool applet on the bookmarks toolbar of your browser.  See our instructions page to learn how to install it.  Whenever the links from UC Library Search fail to take you through the proxy login page, you can click on the "Off Campus Access" link in your bookmarks toolbar and it will fix the proxy connection.

UC Library Search Account

Logging into your account in UC Library Search does not provide full text access.  Logging into your account in UC Library Search allows you to:

  • See what books you have checked out
  • Renew books
  • Check the status of a recall request
  • Save records to your account
  • Save searches and set up alerts

How to retrieve full text of an article from UC Library Search

Learn the basics for getting the full text for that article you found using UC Library search. Watch the short video below. If you have any questions or run into trouble, ask for help at


Retrieving the full text of an article from UC Library Search from UCSB Library on Vimeo.


Title: Retrieving the full text of an article from UC Library Search: Teaching & Learning Series

Body: Starting on the UCSB Library homepage, search by keyword or by title in UC Library Search. In the result list, click on the desired article title. Once you are in the detailed view of the article, find the “Access Online” links and choose one. If one doesn’t work, try the next one. After you click an “Access Online” link you will be prompted to log in with your UCSB NetID and Password. Any “Access Online” link directs you to the full text of one article. Oh no! Having trouble? Ask for help. Need help with your research? Visit us online:

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