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UC Library Search: My Library Account

This guide gives tips on how to use the UC Library Search system.

My Library Account

NOTE:  There is currently an issue with logging into My Library Account if you are using the proxy server.  If you plan to log into your account, do not log into the proxy server before coming into UC Library Search.

My Library Account provides access to current Loans, Requests, Fines & Fees, and Blocks and Messages.

To access My Library Account, select “Sign in” in UC Library Search at the top of the screen.

UCSB Students, Faculty and Staff:  Sign in with your UCSB NetID and password.

Community Users:   Sign in with the barcode number from your UCSB Library borrower's card and your password. 
NOTE:  On first use, you will need to contact the Services Desk to have them set a password for your account.

After signing in, select your name to display the “My Library Card” link

login and select library card info for UC Library Search


Description of the tabs seen on My Library Card
Loans Requests Fines + Fees Blocks + Messages Personal Details

The "Loans" box shows all the books and other materials that you have checked out from the Library. 

You can use the "Renew All" option to renew your books, or you can renew just specific items. 

NOTE:  To renew Interlibrary Loan materials you need to use the My ILL system.

The "Requests" box will show the status of any items that you have requested through UC Library Search. 

NOTE:  To check the status of Interlibrary Loan requests, you need to use the My ILL system.

The "Fines + Fees" box will show if you have any outstanding fines or fees due to the Library.

NOTE: A list of common charges and how to pay any bills related to library loans can be found on the Fines and Fees page.

The "Blocks + Messages" will show any blocks on your account or messages that need your attention.

Use the "Personal Details" link to edit your personal information in your library account.

We highly recommend that you:

1. Keep your contact information up to date.

2. Opt in to receiving all the reports from the system.


Be sure to always log out of your session.  This is especially important if you are using a shared computer such as one of the public computers in the library.

Logging out is a 2-step process:

1. Click on the Log Out icon

UC Library Search sign out menu indicated in orange

2. Close the browser

NOTE:  If you do not close the browser after logging out, the next person may be able to log into your account.  Protect your privacy -- always close the browser after logging out!

Trouble Shooting

Having trouble logging in?

Possible browser or link problems

  • Try clearing your browser's cache. (Ctrl + Shift + Del in Firefox, Chrome, and Edge)
  • Try switching browswers
  • If you're logging in from a bookmark, check with a librarian to see if there's a problem with how it's configured.

Possible UCSB Net ID Problems

  • Has signing in to UC Library Searched ever worked under different circumstances?
  • Are you able to sign-in with their UCSB Net ID anywhere else? (eg. Gauchospace)
  • Do you have a library account that's up to date?
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