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FAMST 101D: Radio

Library Research Guide for FAMST 101D: History of Electronic Media

Select Digital Resources

American Archive of Public Broadcasting - historic programs of publicly funded radio and television from across the United States; you can facet by year after your initial search, but note that  less than half of all records for digitized assets are currently dated, as cataloging is still in progress.

The Goldbergs on the Radio (UCLA Film & Television Archive) - Online access to a selection of the 130 episodes  of The Goldbergs (1929-1946) preserved at UCLA.

The Museum of Broadcast Communications - To find digitized materials, select the "All Available Online Video" Collection

Old Time Radio Researchers Group - A community of "old time radio" enthusiasts catalogs and maintains a database of radio programs, scripts, magazines, and articles.

Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty Records (Hoover Institution Library & Archives at Stanford University) - Broadcast and Corporate Records for the study of the Cold War the collection includes 10.5 million pages and more than 100,000 sound recordings from the 1950s to 2006. A selection of the collection is digitized and available in the "Radio & Television" section of their digital collections. Filter by date range for the appropriate time period.

Studs Terkel Radio Archive - A growing online archive of more than 1,200 programs from Studs Terkel's 45 years on WFMT radio, broadcasts date 1953-1997.

Willis Conover Collection (University of North Texas Music Library) - Willis Conover (1920-1996) is best known for his 41-year career as a host of the program of Music USA on the Voice of America. The UNT Digital Library contains a small selection of program lists, recording schedules, and promos from the larger collection.


Other Collections

Bernard Herrmann radio and television music, 1936-1959 - Copies of radio programs and television programs with original music by Bernard Herrmann.

Baker (Art) Collection (PA Mss 155) - Scripts from Art Baker's radio program Art Baker's Notebook (KFI, Los Angeles, 1938-1958), photographs, clippings, scrapbooks, as well as personal correspondence and memorabilia.

Captain Midnight radio and tv Code-O-Graph collection (PA SC 25) - The Captain Midnight radio and TV Code-O-Graph collection consists of a small collection of promotional toy decoding devices, photographs, and memorabilia packaging, offering insight into wartime entertainment and its continued influence into the Cold War era.

Educational Broadcasting Collection (PA Mss 128) - catalogues, trade magazines, pamphlets, educational materials, manuscripts, and ephemera that serves as an overview of the broadcasting industry during the golden age of radio (bulk 1933-1946)

Hilly (John) Collection (PA 2000-017) - Recordings of several radio shows guest-starring John Hilly, including one episode of Hi Jinx and seven of the show Gangbusters.

Kelton (Stanley M.) radio collection (PA Mss 120) - Materials generated in the course of operations of the Southern California AM radio stations KFI 640kHz (1938-1950) and KFON 1280kHz (1924-1941)  

Pacifica Radio Folio Collection (PA Mss 145) - Folios from Pacifica Radio stations KPFA, KPFK, WBAI, KPFT, and WPFW ranging in date from 1949 to 1987, as well as a small number of Pacifica administrative files and promotional pamphlets.

Radio program library and transcription catalogs (PA Mss 152) - Standard Program radio station library catalogs (loose-leaf binders and index cards), as well as other radio library and transcription catalogs

San Francisco radio and television station photograph album (PA Mss 110) - Album contains 133 black-and-white photographs as well as newspaper clippings and paper ephemera relating to a family who worked in radio and television in the San Francisco Bay Area

Screen Guild Players Recordings, 1942-1948 (PA Mss 28) - Recordings of 32 Screen Guild Players radio programs used as a fundraising effort for the Motion Picture Relief Fund, featuring many contemporary stars.

American Radio Archives and Museum (Thousand Oaks Library Foundation) - includes historically significant radio materials, such as scripts, sound recordings, books, photographs, etc., and also thousands of television scripts

Birmingham Black Radio Museum - The Museum chronicles and catalogs the history of Black radio in Birmingham from the mid 1930’s through the 1980’s. BBRM creates and makes available an interactive web-based archive for researchers and the public, and develops exhibition spaces for the BBRM collection and research center

Pacifica Radio Archives - The archives  preserve the creative work generated by or produced in association with Pacifica Radio (KPFA, KPFK, WBAI, KPFT, WPFW)  and makes it available to researchers.

University of Minnesota Radio and Television Broadcasting Records (WLB/KUOM)  -- Materials include the administrative records produced for the college radio station by station staff, station history, individual staff correspondence, policy and regulatory documentation, and reports and operational data.  

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