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Chemical Engineering: Biotechnology

Subject guide for chemical engineering

Locating Books

To locate books on your topic, use the UCSB Library Online Catalog ( As a starting point, use a keyword search on the likely terms. If the more specific subject fails, browse the subject heading "Biotechnology" itself. Call number ranges for biotechnologyinclude:

  • TP 156 .F4 -- Industrial fermentation
  • TP 248.2-248.3 - Biotechnology
  • TP 374 - Food technology

General Reference Works


Biochemical Engineering and Biotechnology Handbook, 2nd ed. (SEL Ref Area TP 248.3 .A853 1991
This handbook is a rich source of numerical data, tables and graphs useful to the biochemical engineer or biotechnologist.

Comprehensive Biotechnology, 2nd ed. UCSB only (1st edition in print at TP 248.2 .C66 1985)
This multi-volume set contains review articles by experts in the field on all areas of biotechnology. Though becoming a little dated in some aspects, it is still an excellent resource with extensive references.

The Concise Encyclopedia of the Ethics of New Technologies (SEL Ref Area TP 248.23 .C664 2001
There is only one chapter here on the ethics of biotechnology as such, but other chapters treat related areas of interest such as "novel foods", and general science and engineering ethics. Articles vary in their treatment from the purely philosophical to legalistic.

While most of the over 3000 avaiable handbooksand contained in CRCnetBASE deal withother, there are a few on biotechnology-related topics (e.g. nanotechnology, biomedical engineering, food biotechnology.) They are full-text searchable, or browsable by table of contents.

Current ProtocolsUCSB only (
This publication is a collection of standard research methods in the biosciences. They include: step-by-step protocols with annotations that alert you to special considerations,tips, and optional procedures; alternate and support protocols to accommodate different equipment and desired results; materials lists for each protocol; detailed recipes for reagents, solutions, and culture media; expert commentaries with troubleshooting instructions, and planning considerations; tables and figures to clarify complex procedures; and appendices filled with useful reference material. The online version includes Current Protocols in Bioinfomatics (UCSB print: QH 441.2 .C876 2002)m Cell Biology, Cytometry, Human Genetics, Immunology (UCSB print: QR 183 .C87 1994), Magnetic Resonance Imaging, Molecular Biology (UCSB print: QH 506 .C87 1994), Neuroscience, Nucleic Acid Chemistry, Pharmacology, Protein Science, and Toxicology. While the series does not go into industrial-scale processes, this is a rich resource for methosds for genetic manipulation and culturing microorganisms. The protocols are browsable by Table of contents or keyword searchable with stemming (truncation) and a subject thesaurus.

Encyclopedia of Bioprocess Technology - Fermentation, Biocatalysis and Bioseparation UCSB only
This five volume encyclopedia, published 1999, covers all areas of biotechological processes. (UCSB does not own this i print.)

Encyclopedia of Cell Technology UCSB only (SEL Ref Area TP 248.27 .A53 E53 2000
This two volume work focuses tightly on cell biotechnology, with detailed review articles and extensive references.

Encyclopedia of Chemical Processing and Design (SEL Ref Area TP 9 .E66)
This 68 volume encyclopedia, commonly referred to as "McKetta's" after editor John J. McKetta, was begun in 1976 and completed in 1999. It contains excellent detailed articles on biochemical engineering and industrial biochemistry. Articles tend to be briefer and more specific than those in Kirk-Othmer or Ullman's (see below).

Encyclopedia of Ethical, Legal and Policy Issues in Biotechnology (SEL Ref Area TP 248.16 .M87 2000
This two volume encyclopedia contains detailed articles over the whole range of biotechnolgical and genetic engineering issues. As the title implies, it explores both legal and philosophical facets. The articles are well written, with extensive references.

Handbook of Plant Biotechnology (SEL Ref Area TP 248.27 .P55 C545 2004
An excellent two volume handbook on the subject, including plant genetic engineering, commercialization and risk assessment. All articles are well-referenced.

Kirk-Othmer Encyclopedia of Chemical TechnologyUCSB only (
The Encyclopedia of Chemical Technology is a wide-ranging, authoritative source of information on chemicals and chemical processes, with detailed references for each article. The online version includes the current Fourth Edition, with some articles updated each year. The print version is available in the SEL Reference Area at TP 9 .E685 1991. UCSB only
Knovel provides access to a large number of handbooks, encyclopedias and other reference works in biotechology, chemical engineering, chemistry and biochemistry, among other areas.You may search within a single work, or across the entire Knovel collection.  Searches may be done by keyword or by numeric data.

Molecular Biology and Biotechnology: A Comprehensive Desk Reference (SEL Ref Area QH 506 .M66155 1996
A convenient one volume handbook of concepts and techniques in molecular biology and biotechnolgy. For further refernces in molecular biology which may be of use to the biotechnologist, browse the nearby call number range.

Ullmann's Encyclopedia of Industrial ChemistryUCSB only (
Ullmann's Encyclopedia of Industrial Chemistry is a state-of-the-art reference work detailing the science and technology in all areas of industrial chemistry, including pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, plymers and plastics, advanced materials, environmental protection and analytical methods. The online version is the 6th Edition; the 5th Edition is available in print in the SEL Reference Area at TP 9 .U5 1985.

Locating Articles

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