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Introduction to the UCSB Library for STEM Graduate Students: Where Is...?

An introduction to the facilities and services of the UCSB Library aimed at new graduate students in science, technology, engineering, and mathemtics (STEM) disciplines.

Finding the Library

Campus Map

UCSB Campus map showing Library location

The Main Library is located near the center of campus, just west of the majority of the science and engineering buildings.

Note: the Music Library is separate, located in the Music building, west and a little south of the Main Library.

Library Floor Plans

Library Floor Plans

1st Floor

East Side - Facing Broida Hall

First Floor Map of UCSB Library

North Side = Mountain Side                                                                                                           South Side = Ocean Side

                                                            West Side - facing the Arbor, Girvetz Hall

During regular hours, you may enter the building at the Mountain Entrance, East Paseo, West Paseo, and the Davidson Entrance. When late-night study is available, entrance is by the West Paseo entrance only.

The Services Desk is located near the West Paseo entrance. Instruction Room 1312 is located on the North/Mountain side


2nd Floor

Second Floor Map of UCSB Library

Note: The Sciences-Engineering print collection is located on the 2nd floor towards the Mountain side. The Reference collection is located on the 2nd floor near the Microforms collection, opposite the Ocean Elevators.

The DREAM Lab (formerly known as Interdisciplinary Research Collaboratory) is located on the 2nd floor on the Mountain side, near the Group Study Rooms. It contains hardware and software for data manipulation and visualization. The Collaboratory also offers workshops on the use of Python, R, and other programming tools.

Instruction room 2509 is located on the East side of the 2nd floor. Opposite it is the Graduate Study room, accessible with a UCSB Access card showing graduate student status. Another Graduate Study Room is located on the 2nd floor, Ocean side, near the southwest corner. It, too, is accessible with a graduate Access card. The thrid Graduate Study room is on the 8th floor, Mountain side. This room requires a key which may be checked out a the Services desk.-

The offices of the STEM subject librarians are located in the suite behind the Ocean Elevators on the 2nd floor.


Cutaway profile of the entire Main Library

Cutaway profile of UCSB Main Library

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