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Latin American & Iberian Studies Subject Guide

Tips to Develop a Research Question for Latin American and Iberan Studies Assignments

Things to consider when searching for Latin American and Iberian Studies topics:

  • Determine which region, country, or city you want to focus your research on
  • Determine if you want to compare regions or countries
  • Consider searching in Spanish or Portuguese to expand your search results 
  • Develop a research question from the subject area that you want to use to understand the region or country you selected, e.g. Political Sciences; Human Rights; Women's Studies, History
  • Create a list of synonyms on your topic: You can use your syllabus or textbook to find some preliminary keywords. Pay attention to what phrases scholars used to describe the topic you are interested in. Research terminology change through time. Use those terms when searching any of our multidisciplinary or subject-specific databases, or you can search directly into journals that specialize in Latin American and Iberian Studies
Be aware that current topics (less than two years old) will have fewer academic, scholarly articles than older topics. If you want to find the most recent information about your topic, especially if it is connected with a real event such as social protests, natural and man-made disasters, human rights violations, etc. check any of our newspapers' databases.

Background Research

If you are new to Latin American and Iberian Studies, do some background research first!! It will help you develop a better research question.


Here are some recommended titles: