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Ethnic Studies Portal Guide

What is Ethnic Studies

Ethnic Studies is an umbrella term to a multidisciplinary field that focus on the study of the history and experience of all racial-ethnic groups in the United States. This field can be further divided in sub-fields that focus on other umbrella groups, such as African Americans (also known as Blacks), Asian American Studies, Chicana/o Studies (also known as Latina/o Studies) and Native American Studies (also known as American Indians Studies)


This guide is a portal to all our research guides dedicated to the different ethnic studies support at UCSB. Each ethnic studies guide has a dedicated librarian who is available to support your research project in your class! You can email them with your questions or request a face-to-face consultation to help you find primary and/or secondary sources!

They are:

Useful Information

Many of your assignments ask you to find peer-reviewed articles, but what is that? The video below explained clearly what are peer-reviewed articles, also known as Academic articles or Journal articles.