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WRIT 107B (General): Citation Information

Citation Basics and Best Practices

You'll be using a specific style of citation, Havard Business School Style, for this class. It's always a good idea to keep track of your source information as you go. No matter what citation style you're using there are similar parts arranged in slightly different configurations.

For any source you find make sure you know: 

  • Who wrote this - sometimes this is an individual, sometimes it's a company
  • When was it published - for web resources in particular you may have to dig a bit for this
  • Where was it published - Think the name of the blog, name of the journal, name of the news feed rather than "Los Angeles"
  • Where did you find it - often a URL or database, sometimes  you don't need this information but it's a good best practice for your research practice
  • When did you access it - again, sometimes you don't need this but it's a good habit to maintain in case something moves or is deleted later
  • How can someone find it again - page numbers, volume numbers, stable urls, etc.

Harvard Business School Citation Sytle


Author Last, First. Title of the Book with Capitalized First Letters. Publication City, State: Publisher, Date of publication.


Author Last, First. "Title of The Article." Title of the Journal or Paper volume (Date): Page numbers.


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