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FAMST 101B: Journal & Magazine Articles

History of Cinema: Sound Film

About Articles

This page presents resources for locating journal articles that will be useful for your research in Film and Media Studies.  These are good places to learn what other scholars have already said about a topic, to identify potential primary sources for your review, and to locate gaps in scholarship where you can contribute to the ongoing conversation. To thoroughly research your topic, you will want to use a mix of sources including books, articles, media, and primary sources. Although not as comprehensive in coverage, journal articles are published more quickly and more frequently than books and monographs and are thus usually the best place to find the most recent discussions about a topic. No matter what type of source you use, be sure to critically evaluate the sources of your information using a method such as the ACT UP Source Evaluation Process.

Find Articles

 Remember to click the UC e-links link to find the article, either full-text (online) or in print on the library shelves.

 If the library doesn't have access to   the article you need, the Get it at UC button will provide a link to Interlibrary Loan (REQUEST). 

Try searching these film indexes, catalogs, and academic journals for film reviews.

Tip: Do a keyword search for your film title.

Add a director or actor last name if the title is a common word or phrase.

Pro Tip: Use quotation marks if there is more than one word in the title.


"The Kid" AND Chaplin    |    "Fried Green Tomatoes"   |    "Kung Fu Hustle"

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