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Technical Reports: Locating Reports

A guide to Technical Reports at UCSB Library

Report Numbers


Technical reports in the Government Information collection are filed three different ways, by Report number, Accession number, or SuDoc number.


Technical report numbers at UCSB Library

Report #

Accession #

SuDoc #


Dept of Energy


DE 83 -015199

E 1.28: 33019


Dept of Defense


AD-A 156986

D 103.24/2: EL-85-1




N85- 28262

NAS 1.15: 77838



EPA 600/2-80-009

PB80- 190234

EP 1.23: 600/2-80-009




Locating Reports

The UCSB Library is a federal depository, and collects technical reports from several federal agencies.  We have been an Atomic Energy Commission depository since 1963; from 1963 – 1996, our collection of reports from AEC, ERDA, and DOE is comprehensive.  We have selected reports from NTIS, and access to many NTIS reports from the California State Library. 

As most of the technical report collection is not listed in our Library catalog, please contact a librarian for assistance in locating reports. 

Librarian Profile

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Chuck Huber
UCSB Library, Room 2523A2
Univ. of California, Santa Barbara
Santa Barbara, CA 93106-9010
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