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Start Your Research: Connect from Off-Campus

Using the Library from Off-Campus

The UCSB Library subscribes to a number of electronic materials for our affiliated users. Affiliated users include current UCSB students, faculty, and staff. Off-campus users need to authenticate.

There are two ways to do this, either by using the proxy server or the campus VPN (virtual private network)

Proxy Server

The best place to start is to go through the library website. By going through the library website, you'll automatically be prompted to log in when entering a subscription database.

You can use UC Library Search, the A to Z Database List, or our Library Research Guides. The links you will find through those resources will route you to the login page.

NOTE: Once opened if you leave the tab open too long or bookmark the wrong version of the URL it will time out and log you off. 


The advantage of the VPN is that you only have to connect and log in once per session. However, it requires special software to be installed on your computer. Each time you want to do research you need to connect and log into the VPN. 

Connecting Google Scholar to UCSB Library Full-Text Resources

Learn how you can connect UCSB Library to Google Scholar to easily access the full text of an article through UC Library Search.

Connecting Google Scholar to UCSB Library Full-Text Resources from UCSB Library on Vimeo.


Title: Connecting Google Scholar to UCSB Library Full-Text Resources: Teaching & Learning Series

Body: Starting on the Google Scholar homepage, login to Google using your UCSB NetID and password. Once you are logged in, find the menu in the top left corner of the screen and select the “settings” option, then the “library links” option. In the search box, enter “University of California, Santa Barbara” and search. Find the “Get it At UC” option and make sure the box is checked, then save your changes. Now, you can search for full-text articles in UCSB Library from Google Scholar! On the Google Scholar homepage, enter your search terms and search. Look for the “Get it at UC” links to access the full-text resource through the Library website. You’ve done it! Having trouble? Ask for help. Need help with your research? Visit us online:


Some databases work better on campus or with the VPN than with the proxy server. If you think you're having difficulties because of this issue, you can always check the database's description page by clicking the (i) icon next to the database title in the A to Z list. 

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