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ENVI 102 - Qualitative Methods for Environmental Studies (Gray, Fall 2023): Articles

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Perform your search, then select "Peer Reviewed Journals" under "Show Only" on the left side of the results screen.


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UCSB E-Journals: 

Evaluate Journals and Find Impact Factors

Locating Articles: 

Click the  button to find the full text of an article, either online or in print on the library shelves. If the library does not have access to the article you need, you can request the article to be sent to you through interlibrary loan.

If you already have a citation, first, use Google Scholar and search for the title of the article. Look for the link to the pdf or Get it at UC button on the right side. You may first need to Connect Google Scholar to UCSB Library Full-Text Resources. If you do not see the article, use the Citation Linker where you should see if the UCSB Library has access to it or use the Request function to request a copy through Interlibrary Loan.

Indexes to Scholarly Journals - Science and Engineering & More

Find subject-based databases

Select "by Subject" to find databases. Use a database that is most recommended in that subject, listed near the top of the options.

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