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UCSB Reads 2023: Information for Faculty & Courses

Why Teach the UCSB Reads Book?

The UCSB Reads program provides faculty and their students the opportunity to participate in a campus and community wide conversation about important issues raised in the selected book. UCSB Reads is a program of UCSB Library, and the Library will provide free copies of the book to all students in courses that incorporate the book. For more information, please write us at

Topics related to the book will be explored in a variety of winter and spring quarter events on campus and in the wider Santa Barbara community.  Faculty can have their students engage with these events in a variety of ways including:

  • Designing a creative project around the UCSB Reads book
  • Giving credit to students who attend UCSB Reads programming 
  • Working with UCSB Library to design programming inside the classroom
  • Asking students to develop questions for speakers and panelists
  • Having the UCSB Reads author visit a course during their spring quarter campus visit

See below for a video in which faculty from a variety of disciplines discuss their experience incorporating the UCSB Reads book.

Hear from Faculty About Their Experience Teaching the UCSB Reads Book

Hear from UCSB faculty across the disciplines who have successfully incorporated the UCSB Reads book into a course and learn how the UCSB Reads program can support your instruction.

Panelists include Tim Dewar (Gervirtz Graduate School of Education), Brian Donnelly (English), Kathy Foltz (Molecular, Cellular & Developmental Biology), Behrooz Parhami (Electrical & Computer Engineering), and Kathy Patterson (Writing Program). Moderated by Elina Salminen (CITRAL).


Get Copies for Your Class


If you have decided to incorporate Happy City by Charles Montgomery into a 2023 winter or spring class, please email with the course title, quarter, expected enrollment, and total number of copies needed.


Faculty who are considering incorporating the book into a winter or spring course can have a copy mailed to their preferred address by writing

Free Book Giveaway for UCSB Students: Students can receive a free copy of the book On Friday, January 20 from noon while supplies last. Starting at 12 PM, the University Librarian, Chancellor, and Executive Vice Chancellor will be handing out books during the UCSB Reads Book Giveaway inside UCSB"s Library's Paseo.

For all other questions, please email

Winter Quarter 2023 Courses Reading the UCSB Reads 2023 Book

CS 112 Advanced Research & Practice (Iman Djouini)

COMM 160HC - Special Topics: Communication and the Art of Happiness (Nikki Truscelli)

ED 191W: Health & Wellbeing (Mark Shishim)

ENV S Environmental Leadership Incubator (Erika Zollett)

ENV S2  Environmental Science 2 Honors (Stephanie Moret)

ENGL 106CW: Catalyst Writing Collective (Brian Donnelly)

INT 95B: Intro to Undergrad Research (Mark Shishim)

LING 10:  Academic Reading Across the Curriculum (Ingrid Bowman)

WRIT 1 (Kenny Smith)

WRIT 157A (Gina Genova)

WRIT 2 (Christopher Dean)

WRIT 2 ACE (Kathy Patterson)



Course Integration - Spring 2023

Spring 2023:

ENV S 155: The Built World (Summer Gray)

GEOG 130: The Urban Environment (Joe McFadden)

GEOG 200C: Introduction to Geographic Research (Liz Ackert)

Summer 2023:

ENV S 137: Conservation Planning (Stephanie Moret)


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