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Zines and Zine-Making at UCSB Library: Social Justice Zine Collection

Visit UCSB Library's Social Justice Zine Collection!

We invite you to visit UCSB Library's Social Justice Zine Collection located in the Library's 2nd floor mountain side. You are welcome to browse, read, and check out zines from the collection! Please note, the collection has moved from the Art & Architecture Library to the 2nd Floor, Mountain Side.

The Social Justice Zine Collection includes over 60 zines and is curated with a social justice activism lens. Specific topics that represent the scope of this collection are zine works about neurodivergence, anti-racist activism, gender, sexuality, disability activism, feminist art, Black archives, and social movement history.

Zines (pronounced "zeens" like "magazines") are do-it-yourself publications, made from collections of images and text, and distributed by the creator or zinester themselves. Zines are created out of love, not for profit, and are focused on a wide array of topics. 

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About the Collection

Location:  The Social Justice Zine Collection is located in the Main Library, Mountain Side

Borrowing: This collection is circulating, meaning you can check out, read, and share the zines anywhere!

Searching: You can search for and find zines in UC Library Search. 

Funding: This collection is grant funded thanks to the Office of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Featured Zines

We’ve purchased zines from over 25 zinesters and distros!

  • Brown Recluse Zine Distro (Oakland, CA)
  • Individual Zinesters’ Etsy shops
  • Microcosm Publishing (Portland, OR)
  • Radical History Club (San Diego, CA)
  • Mixed Rice Zines (Oakland, CA)
  • Project Paint (San Diego, CA)

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