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UCSB Reads 2016: UCSB Courses

"Just Mercy: A Story of Justice and Redemption" by Bryan Stevenson

Course Integration

The following classes will be reading Just Mercy as part of their coursework:

Winter 2015

THTR 187 MU (crosslisted as MUS 168P): Creating Experimental Performance, Memory/History, Process and Practice (Ruth Hellier-Tinoco)

PS 161: U.S. Minority Politics (Pei-te Lien)

PS 196:  Senior Seminar in Political Science (Pei-te Lien)

CNCSP 209A: Counseling, Clinical, School Psychology Research Practicum 1 (Jill D. Sharkey)

Writing 2: Academic Writing (James Donelan)

Writing 107 L: Writing for the Legal Profession (James Donelan)

Writing 105 WE: Writing and Ethics (Heather Steffen)

SOC 145: Social Inequalities (Elena Skapoulli-Raymond)

Spring 2015

CNCSP 209B: Counseling, Clinical, School Pyschology Research Practicum 2 (Jill D. Sharkey)

History 2C: Modern World History (Paul Spickard)

SOC 170J: Juvenile Justice (Victor Rios)

SOC 1: Introduction to Socology (Howard Winant)

Art 120: Photojournalism (Richard Ross)

Writing 107J: Journalism and News Writing (Cissy Ross)

* * *

Can you incorporate Just Mercy into your winter or spring quarter courses in any way? The Library has free advance copies of the book to distribute to faculty members who are considering participating in UCSB Reads. To request a copy, please contact:

Alex Regan, Events & Exhibitions Librarian
Phone: 805-893-3605

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