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Education: Curriculum Resources for Teachers: Reports and Guides

A guide to locating instructional materials for grades K-12

Reports and Guides

Aiming High: High Schools for the 21st Century.
Curr Res LB 3060.85 C2 A575 2002
Elementary Makes the Grade!
Curr Res LB 1555 C36 2000
First Class: A Guide for Early Primary Education.
Curr Res LB 1132 H25 1999
Guidelines for the Evaluation of Instructional Technology Resources for California Schools.
Curr Res LB 1028.3 C28 1997
Prekindergarten Learning & Development Guidelines.
Curr Res LB 1140.24 C3 P74 2000
Taking Center Stage: A Commitment to Standards-Based Education for California's Middle Grade Students.
Curr Res LB 1623 H651 2001
Teaching Reading: A Balanced, Comprehensive Approach to Teaching Reading in Pre-kindergarten through Grade Three.
Curr Res L 124 C3 T4 1996
With History-Social Science for All: Access for Every Student.
Curr Res H 62.5 U5 W584 1992

Task Force Reports

Artswork: A Call for Arts Education for All California Students.
Curr Res NX 310 C3 A7 1997
California Public Education: A Decade After A Nation at Risk.
Curr Res LA 243 A646 1993
Caught in the Middle: Educational Reform for Young Adolescents in California Public Schools.
Curr Res LA 243 A59 1987
Connect, Compute and Compete.
Government Information Center, Calif. E 200 C662
Educating English Learners for the Twenty-First Century.
Curr Res LC 3732 C2 E38 1999
Every Child a Reader.
Curr Res LB 1050 C2185 1995
Improving Mathematics Achievement for all California Students.
Curr Res QA 13.5 C2 C355 1995
It's Elementary! Elementary Grades Task Force Report.
Curr Res LA 243 I87 1992
Government Information Center, Calif. E 200 P74 L42
Ready to Learn: Quality Preschools for California in the 21st Century.
Curr Res LB 1140.24 C3 R42 1998
Second to None: A Vision of the New California High School.
Curr Res LA 243 S38 1992