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ArcGIS Online: User tips

A local guide to using Esri's ArcGIS Online

Accessing AGO from ArcGIS Desktop

To access Esri data layers and export content to ArcGIS Online, you must establish a connection.  Most users will use their UCSB NetID to access ArcGIS Online--but you need to configure your desktop installation to use UCSB's authentication system instead of Esri's.

First, launch ArcGIS and click the 'Advanced' button. Now click "Manage Portal Connections..."


Enter the path to our UCSB instance of ArcGIS Online:

Click connect and you should be all set.  Choose "Sign in..." from the File menu in ArcGIS Desktop and you should see the option to sign on "Using your UC Santa Barbara Account."  This is your UCSBnetID.

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