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UCSB Reads 2014: Related Reading

Additional Reading on Wildfire

This bibliography of articles and books related to wildfire was compiled by Graham Wesolowski, a master’s candidate in the Bren School of Environmental Science and Management.

Online resources are freely available on campus (and within the UCSB Library). UCSB students, staff, and faculty can access them from off-campus by logging in and returning here.

Popular Articles

Tullis, Paul. (2013, September 19). Into the Wildfire. New York Times.

Galbraith, Kate. (2013, September 4). Wildfires and Climate Change. New York Times.

Associated Press. (2013, August 24).  Wildfire Threatens San Francisco's Power Supply. New York Times.

Fountain, Henry. (2013, August 26)San Francisco Girds for Possible Threat to Water From Wildfire ...  New York Times.

Clemons, Becca. (2013, November 5)After string of huge wildfires, 'saner approach' to prevention sought. Los Angeles Times.

Schaefer, Samantha. (2013, September 1).  Yosemite fire: What are California's largest wildfires? Los Angeles Times.

Hennigan, W.J. (2013, September 29). Forest Service fights fires with aging tankers from another era. Los Angeles Times.

R.M. (2013, October 24). The Economist explains: What causes wildfires? The Economist.

Peer Reviewed Sources - Wildfire & Climate Change


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Search the UCSB Library Catalog to check book availability.

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Book Display in the Library

There is a display of books related to the themes and people in The Big Burn, including conservation, wildfire, wilderness, the Forest Service, Teddy Roosevelt, Gifford Pinchot, and John Muir on the first floor of the Library across from the elevators.  All books are available to be checked out.

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