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Native American Studies: Comprehensive Websites


          A comprehensive website on a wide array of topics as well as bibliographies.
       This is a well-maintained directory of Native American resources. The sections
       include: Information on Individual Native Nations; Native  Organizations and
       Urban Indian Centers; Tribal Colleges, Native Studies Programs, and Indian
       Education; Languages; The Mascot Issue; Media (organizations, journals
       and newspapers, radio and television); Powwows and Festivals; Sources for
       Indian Music; Native Arts Organizations and individuals.
  • NativeWeb    Resources for Indigenous Cultures worldwide

Language and Culture

Indigenous Language Institute

The Indigenous Language Institute provides vital language related services to Native communities so that their individual identities, traditional wisdom and values are passed on to future generations in their original languages.

Our Mother Tongues

This is a joint project whose mission is to document, record, and disseminate the work of tribal communities as they reclaim, revitalize, and perpetuate their heritage languages.

Native American Indian: Art, Culture, Education, History, Science

Comprehensive webguide that contains over 300 individual websites related to Native American Indians that includes art, music, books, healing, schools, games, Mayan civilation and more


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