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UCSB Reads 2024

Student Book Clubs

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A book club led by two UCSB students will meet in the Library from 5:00PM to 5:45PM.on three Wednesdays, April 10th, 17th, and 24th. 

In addition club members are invited to meet up on May 8th to attend the UCSB Reads 2024 author talk at Campbell Hall together.

The Library will provide refreshments, a free UCSB Reads tote bag, and free copies of Your Brain on Art to all undergraduate participants. To get your copy of the book in advance, email

UCSB Library is excited to organize peer-led, student book clubs for UCSB Reads 2024! These book clubs are an opportunity to connect with other undergraduate students from across campus who love reading and engage in discussions on topics related to the UCSB Reads 2024 selection: Your Brain on Art: How the Arts Transform Us by Susan Magsamen & Ivy Ross. Magsamen and Ross argue that creative activities such as painting, dancing, playing music, or expressive writing are more essential to our daily lives than we realize, and can be used to ease distress, invigorate communities, improve learning and academic achievement, or bring joy to our lives.
Susan Magsamen is the founder and director of the International Arts + Mind Lab, Center for Applied Neuroaesthetics at Johns Hopkins University. Ivy Ross is the Vice President of Design for hardware product area at Google.

For more information, please email

To apply, please complete this form.

 About UCSB Reads
UCSB Reads is an award-winning campus and community-wide “one book” program led by UCSB Library whose goal is to bring the campus together to discuss important issues. A committee of faculty, staff, undergraduate and graduate students, and community members selects the next UCSB Reads book from a shortlist of engaging, interdisciplinary, and intellectually stimulating books by a living author. Learn more about the UCSB Reads program here.



Get Copies of the Book for Your Club

UCSB Library has free copies of the book for campus bookclubs. To request copies for your group please email